1. HookemDTX

    HookemDTX Member

    When will y'all upgrade the VBulletin version and/or leave the fixed width format for the site?
  2. ClendonRoss

    ClendonRoss Co-Publisher

    When we upgrade the entire site (which will have responsive design), scheduled for spring.
  3. HookemDTX

    HookemDTX Member

    Awesome! Thanks for the quick response.
  4. HookemDTX

    HookemDTX Member

    Same outdated VBulletin version. Did the upgrades get cancelled or put off? Might as well at least port the theme to the latest release of VBulletin (if it will even run on it without needing to start from scratch) It still wouldn't cost that much for a custom VB theme.

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