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  1. Eric Nahlin

    Eric Nahlin Recruiting Editor Staff Member

    The Man in the High Castle.

    To any proud American this show will immediately get your skin crawling. It's meant to, and it does its job.

    An eerie version of Edelweiss (which is actually Austrian I think, just like Hitler!) starts the show as the shadows of enemy - or newly domesticated - paratroopers cut across Mount Rushmore. This immediately gives way to America's manifest destiny being parceled into Japanese-Neutral-German territory.

    The premise is simple, the Allies lost to the Axis and our punishment is brutal fascism.

    We immediately see the adaptation of Japanese culture in San Francisco, which to this former Bay Area guy didn't truly hit home until a middle aged white woman was watching Sumo wrestling on her relic television. Not exactly the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling.

    The Japanese in this movie are methodical, polite, and resolute in handing down punishment. The Nazi representation - as if it could become more ominous - is largely indoctrinated Americans, yet they're as linear as their "torchbearers" in Berlin. Americans as Nazis is one of the toughest things for me to watch, and Rufus Sewell pulls it off perfectly. F*** that guy with a rusty Luger. Thankfully everything he believes is put in conflict.

    The territorial interplay makes for excellent suspense as the Nazis and Japanese passive aggressively maneuver against each other while simultaneously working to impede any domestic uprising.

    There's the usual love story I typically tweet through, but other than that there's very little formulae, so far as I can see.

    Watch it. It's incredibly well done.

    It's on Amazon Prime. All ten episodes were released in November.
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  2. MikeHdez12

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  3. TXiceman

    TXiceman Member Who Talks (A Lot!)

    There are two shows I have to watch every week, as live as possible. I'm a HUGE fan of Flash and Arrow on the CW.

    This show, while full of abnormally pretty people like all CW shows, is not like the crap on the rest of the channel. They work closely with the comics division of DC Comics to make sure the shows capture the true characters.

    Overall, Flash might be the best show on TV right now. I only prefer Arrow because the second half of season 2 was the best, most intense run of episodes I've ever seen. If you liked Daredevil on Netflix, it doesn't hold a candle to season 2 of Arrow. Flash and Arrow are Daredevil on cable, but with FAST pace. (Daredevil is the third best superhero show in my opinion. Haven't started Jessica Jones yet because my fiancé's schedule is tough.).

    Start from the beginning of Arrow on Netflix. After season 2 of Arrow, you can move forward through both however you want. Flash airs Tuesday nights at 7. Arrow airs Wednesdays. And they tie together a lot. Especially when they have crossover episodes once a year, as was the case this week.
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  4. UTBear

    UTBear Member Who Talks (A Lot!)

    Fargo is great. I also enjoyed The Last Kingdom on BBC, but it's now over for the season.
  5. Bayou City Horn

    Bayou City Horn Member Who Talks (A Lot!)

    Watch Limitless on CBS. You can stream it on the app. The first episode I cough was episode 7 I think. It was a spoof on Ferris Buellera Day off and it was brilliant. Been playing catch up ever since.
  6. Simms to Gilbert

    Simms to Gilbert Member Who Talks (A Lot!)

    I second the Flash. It's really fun and not so dark, although it has its moments. I've only watched Arrow during the crossovers, but it definitely seems darker.
  7. Simms to Gilbert

    Simms to Gilbert Member Who Talks (A Lot!)

    I LOVE this show. It's wonderful. But I don't think the ratings have been great, unfortunately. I'm hoping for a second season. And I've never seen the movie, which I don't think is necessary.
  8. J Galt

    J Galt Member Who Talks (A Lot!)

    Premium: Homeland. Was about to give up..then season 5 dropped. Sucked me back in. Game of Thrones is highly compelling but that's a pretty known commodity.

    Netflix: House of Cards (really good) and Marco Polo (first and only season was entertaining)

    Cable: the Americans and Fargo (both outstanding)

    Network: NFL football
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  9. Simms to Gilbert

    Simms to Gilbert Member Who Talks (A Lot!)

    If anyone gets Starz, that is the most underrated premium channel. So many good shows. Da Vinci's Demons, Outlander, Ash vs. Walking Dead, The White Queen, Flesh and Bone. They put out really high quality originals.
  10. J Galt

    J Galt Member Who Talks (A Lot!)

    my wife and i love Outlander and the White Queen. we sort of have a thing for British history.
  11. Fuddy

    Fuddy Member Who Talks (A Lot!)

    Some recent or current shows I recommend (I'll leave off the obvious like Breaking Bad and The Wire)

    Fargo: I'm a fan if you can't tell from my avatar. I cannot recommend this enough. I thought season one was just as good as True Detective season one despite the lack of discussion for the former and the abundant discussion of the latter, and season two might be surpassing both.

    Luther: Watching Idris in anything is a pleasure, but this is a pretty damn good detective serial killer brit show.

    Peaky Blinders: Irish gangster show with one of my favorite actors, Cillian Murphy. Pretty sure I binged its two seasons in one long day with my roommates. Good humor coupled with good violence. Be sure to put the subtitles on.

    Sherlock: The best of the Sherlock tv/movie canon. Cumberbatch absolutely kills it. Interesting criminals and cases make this show.

    The Honourable Woman: It's a British spy show taking place in the Gaza Strip. A must see for those who enjoyed Tinker Tailor, The Good Shepherd and Munich. Very well made.

    Black Mirror: The Brits' take on how technology effects society. It's like The Twilight Zone in the modern world. Episodes can be disturbing, so beware. For instance, in the first episode the British princess is kidnapped and the kidnappers demand the Prime Minister have sex with a pig on national broadcast as a ransom to release the kid. Only seven episodes so far, but it already has two or three of the best episodes of television I've ever watched.

    Darknet: Maybe even more disturbing than Black Mirror. It's a Canadian show about people committing crimes and then showing them on the dark web.

    Mr Robot: My second favorite show this year after Fargo. Computer hacking meets
    Fight Club
    . Episode six might have been the best episode of TV I've watched this year.

    Top of the Lake: Slow burning British detective show (least best of the three, but still good) about a missing kid.

    Broadchurch: Slow burning British detective show (second best of the three) about the murder of a kid in a small town.

    The Fall: Slow burning British detective show (best of the three). You know who the serial killer is the entire time and you see him commit some of his murders, which makes it a little different for your typical detective show. Great show

    American Horror Story: I'm sure many of you have watched this, but I just wanted to point out that after a great first two seasons and a mostly forgettable third and fourth season, season five has this show back to it's better days.

    Banshee: Basically took over for Sparticus as the best show on teevee that's non-stop tits and action.

    Shows that I watch but am pretty ambivalent about: The Leftovers, Humans, Homeland, The Americans, Penny Dreadful, Ray Donovan. I mainly watch these out of a sense of duty, hope that there will eventually be a great payoff or boredom

    Shows next up on my list: Orphan Black, Hannibal, Into the Badlands, Bloodlines, Narcos

    Also as a huge Neil Gaiman fan, I'll be watching Lucifer when it comes on next month. Hopefully the show does the comics justice, although the show being on Fox doesn't have me too confident on this.
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  12. Fuddy

    Fuddy Member Who Talks (A Lot!)

    Is stars what Banshee is on? Very entertaining non-stop action show. Basically took the mantle from Sparticus as the best show with nothing but action and tits.
  13. Simms to Gilbert

    Simms to Gilbert Member Who Talks (A Lot!)

  14. Boomhauer

    Boomhauer Member Who Talks (A Lot!)

    My top shows from this past year in order:

    1) Game of Thrones (My choice for best show in the history of television)
    2) Mr. Robot (I've been trying to tell everyone about this one. Hasn't gotten the attention it deserves. The directing is awesome, sort of David Lynch meets Kubrick.)
    3) Fargo (A television show that is as good as the Cohen brother's original.)
    4) Better Call Saul (No explanation needed).

    Guilty pleasure: Bitchin' Rides (I grew up in a body shop with classic cars.)
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  15. LawHorn88

    LawHorn88 Member

    Shows watched this year:

    Better Call Saul is great and barely feels like a spinoff to Breaking Bad.

    Just finished The Man in the High Castle last weekend and loved it. Highly recommend. Got me back in a WWII phase and am currently rewatching Band of Brothers and likely The Pacific next.

    Narcos was incredibly well done. The show felt very authentic and really delves into the characters' (both good and bad) reasons for doing the things they do. However, you can't have it merely playing in the background while doing something else unless you understand Spanish because about half of the dialogue is Spanish.

    True Detective Season Two was good, but nowhere near the level of Season One. Still worth a watch.

    The Walking Dead. Not as good as the first few seasons, but this current season has been entertaining. Fear the Walking Dead was actually better in my opinion. More of a slow-burn in terms of tension, but a nice change to over-the-top zombie kills and shallow character development of the original.

    Downton Abbey. Great show about to start its final season.

    Oh and a really good movie released specially on Netflix: Beasts of No Nation with Idris Elba. Very brutal, emotional, and sometimes hard to watch film. The cinematography really captured the emotions of the events taking place.
  16. dmatx

    dmatx Member Who Talks

    Read Man in High Castle a long while back but haven't started the show yet.

    Recent watches...
    Jessica Jones on Netflix - So, so good. Best thing Marvel has done so far.
    Hannibal - Watch this if you haven't. Can be a little trying when it gets overly arty but really an amazing show. I didn't think it would be any good and I was blown away.
    The Leftovers - Took me a few episodes to get into it but now I'm all in. If I tried to pin it down I would say a cross between Lost and Six Feet Under?
  17. Simms to Gilbert

    Simms to Gilbert Member Who Talks (A Lot!)

    Whenever I see the detective on American Horror story I wonder, "Shouldn't @Sean Adams be writing a column?"

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  18. PFD

    PFD Member Who Talks (A Lot!)

    Is anyone else watching AMC's new series Into the Badlands?

    I've watched the first three episodes. I'm still on the fence about it. It's got some potential, but it's also got some weaknesses.
  19. Horn17

    Horn17 Member Who Talks (A Lot!)

    Completely second @Fuddy on the Luther and Sherlock recommendations. They have a similar feel as both were done by the BBC, so if you like one, it's highly likely you'll like the other. Benedict Cumberbatch and Idris Elba are equally good in their respective starring roles. Some really intense episodes.

    Aside from the big ones like GOT and Breaking Bad which are all time greats, a few others I really like:

    Downton Abbey -- very character-driven period drama that entertains while transporting you back to a completely different era.

    The Killing -- VERY dark and brooding detective drama that takes place in Seattle. Joel Kinnaman's character, Holder, is alone worth the watch. He's fantastic and the show will definitely make the hair stand up on the back of your neck. Show ran four seasons. I've watched the first three and will start the last one soon.

    The Missing -- A BBC suspense drama about a couple whose boy goes missing in France while on vacation. It follows the downward spiral the couple goes through as they try to find him and the dark twists and turns the evidence trail leads them through. Some tough, gripping stuff here and excellent acting.

    The Walking Dead -- Avoided this show for quite a while because I was tired of the "monster craze" that had been en vogue first with vampires and then zombies. I finally heard enough good things that I decided to give it a try. I discovered that the zombies are really just the backdrop and the show is really about desperation, survival, love, loss, and how far you would go to protect your family.

    Also like Homeland a lot again after it had dipped a bit. Think everyone probably already watches that though.
  20. UTBear

    UTBear Member Who Talks (A Lot!)

    My wife is an Outlander fan. It was interesting to me at first, but developing into too much of a Chick thing.
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  21. J Galt

    J Galt Member Who Talks (A Lot!)

    We really liked it until all the gay rape. Not that there's anything wrong with that.
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  22. Atxlonghorn98

    Atxlonghorn98 Member

    Great thread for those who aren't too cool to admit they watch TV

    Still Showing:
    Better Call Saul - I was surprised as anyone how good this is.
    Mr. Robot - great lead and really good writing
    Sherlock - such a sharp update to a worn out premise
    Vikings - guilty pleasure
    Narcos - I blasted through the whole series in 3 days
    The Leftovers - Interesting idea that keeps getting better
    The Affair - Girlfriend loves it
    Louie - So Funny and painful
    Peaky Blinders - My absolute favorite series hardly anyone watches unfortunately
    House of Cards - Up and Down, but the good times are worth it.
    Banshee - Bloody, violent and the women are sexy as hell
    Archer - The best comedy series I've seen. So smart
    GoT - Can't wait to see where they go this year.

    Wrapped up, go back and power watch IMO:
    The Wire
    The Sopranos
    Mad Men
    Breaking Bad
    Friday Night Lights
    Band of Brothers
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  23. Eric Nahlin

    Eric Nahlin Recruiting Editor Staff Member

    I thought you watched a lot of TV until I reversed back and saw @Fuddy's list.

    Never seen 80% of that but I will watch Peaky Blinders at some point.

    Archer's amazing.

    Banshee sounds great.

    Sopranos til I die, or until Tony does. Tony does?

    Deadwood yes.

    Never seen a second of Friday Night Lights. LOL. @srr50 even worked on it.

    Band of Brothers yes.
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  24. Mr.Lucas

    Mr.Lucas Member Who Talks

    My End of the Year Film Recommendations

    I am not embargoed and feel no allegiance to any of these.

    The Revenant - if you see it you must see it in the theatre or the point is lost entirely. THIS will be up for best picture and will win for cinematography - the second in a many years for Emmanuel Lubezki.

    Joy - David O'Russell's muse Jennifer Lawrence is well represented and remarkably understated in this stylized piece.

    Creed - Every Rocky trope you would expect. This is in competition for the second best Rocky film behind the original. You are going to see loads of press for Stalone as best supporting actor. Press he deserves though I think the award should go elsewhere this season.

    The Big Short - May be my Best Picture. Adam Mckay should get an Oscar nod for his deft and hilarious crafting of what is otherwise dense financial jargon. It is a masterclass in breaking the fourth wall for the advancement of story. Here you will see Christian Bale give what might be the best supporting performance of the year.

    Spotlight - Will be up for best picture - it shouldn't be. The Acting and Storytelling are phenomenal and the cast is playing well above most this season but the film itself is a well put together movie of the week (Remember those?)

    Trainwreck- Apatow and Shumer - a winning combination right? Close. Apatow likes his comedies long. I think this one would benefit from some tighter editing. Bill Hader should be nominated for supporting actor here.

    Mad Max: Fury Road- This has @Eric Nahlin written all over it. This is the film the producers and directors are pining over this season and for good reason. This film along with The Revenant are two pieces of cinema that are simply on another level of craftsmanship.

    The Martian - A return to form from Ridley Scott who has been struggling since The Gladiator. Damon will be nominated and he should be. Solid film that might have one of the most hopeful outlooks on humanity we've seen in a while. Mad Max and the Martian are a great double bill. In that order.

    It Follows- A clever film about herpes.

    Sicario - Another filmmaker, Denis Villeneuve, playing at the top of his game. Villeneuve's use of violence on screen to comment on violence in society should not be missed. Emily Blunt is on top form and the sound design will be up for an Oscar.

    The End of the Tour - I will actually be a little sad if Jason Segal doesn't get some awards love. He plays a fully realized human being (most films do not include those) so skillfully and will no pretense. One of my favorite films this year.

    Hateful 8- I have seen sexual harassment workshop videos less sexist than this film. I'm a relatively literate guy but I could not tell you what this thing is about outside of the following; If a woman speaks - hit her. If she has and power - kill her (whilst laughing preferably.) This was a really pathetic use of some really amazing lenses. The best bits are the shots that look like their from the Colorado board of tourism.

    I'm open to your thoughts and additions...
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  25. 40A

    40A Member Who Talks (A Lot!)

    I kind of hate to admit this but I have recently watched Arrow seasons 1-3 on netflix.

    Besides some over-acting, I REALLY like the direction they took Arrow and think they did him justice in relation to the comics.
  26. Halas

    Halas Member Who Talks (A Lot!)

    I've been watching it. I'm two episodes behind right now but I'm right where you are. I'm not sure I like the storyline as much as I like the fight scenes.
  27. PFD

    PFD Member Who Talks (A Lot!)

    Last night, I watched the first two episodes of SyFy's new original series, The Expanse.

    It's got some real potential. It's got a strong cast (Thomas Jane, Steven Strait, Jay Hernandez). The storylines are a bunch of SyFy clichés (futuristic interplanetary colonization, internecine politics and warfare, etc.), but they're well-written and well executed. And the effects are good, especially for TV.
  28. PFD

    PFD Member Who Talks (A Lot!)

    I know what you mean.

    Right now, I feel like the only thing keeping me watching is the protagonist, Sonny (i.e., the Baron's head "clipper"). The character has layers, and the actor is pretty good.

    However, most of the other characters range from boring to downright off-putting. The kid, M.K., is annoying as hell. Martin Czokas is over-the-top as the Baron, but he pulls it off (because he's Martin Czokas). The Widow character is just ridiculous.
  29. Halas

    Halas Member Who Talks (A Lot!)

    I'm right there with you. M.K. wears me out. Other than Sonny I don't really like many of them. You're right about the Baron, too. He is definitely over the top but I like him as well.
  30. malaise

    malaise Member Who Talks (A Lot!)

    Thanks for this. Loved sicario. Will not get to see the revenant in the theatre. Bummer
  31. MikeHdez12

    MikeHdez12 Member Who Talks (A Lot!)

    I can add a few more to this list.

    Ex Machina
    was very thoughtful and engaging. Alicia Vikander is gorgeous, even as a cyborg.

    '71 had some real intensity. Had a slight issue connecting with the accents, but overall a solid film.

    The Gift was pretty underrated. Cleverly inverted the protagonist/antagonist roles and was also well acted. Jason Bateman is a more talented and well-rounded actor than he gets credit for.
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  32. Mr.Lucas

    Mr.Lucas Member Who Talks

    Loved Ex Machina - that film will hold a special place in my heart for wholly unrelated reasons.

    Will look into the Gift - I believe Joel edgerton directed that one
  33. longhornsrock

    longhornsrock Member Who Talks (A Lot!)

    1. The show premiered on Netflix on December 12, 2014. The series was written and created by John Fusco and stars Lorenzo Richelmy in the title role with Benedict Wong as Kublai Khan. The series is produced by The Weinstein Company. On January 7, 2015, Marco Polo was renewed by Netflix for a 10-episode second season.
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  34. J Galt

    J Galt Member Who Talks (A Lot!)

    Mrs. Galt pointed out one night that I only like the show because Kublai Khan has a sweet harem. We disagreed because that is not the ONLY reason I like the show. I did point out that Khan's wife seems pretty cool about the whole thing understanding that a Khan needs his down time. Mrs. Galt pointed out that I'm no Kahn. :(
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  35. longhornsrock

    longhornsrock Member Who Talks (A Lot!)

    LOL. Really good show. Hope the new season is up for view before long.
  36. Simms to Gilbert

    Simms to Gilbert Member Who Talks (A Lot!)

    Mr. Robot! So so good. Also a big fan of Sherlock.

    I watched the first 3 episodes. It's been fun so far, although a little bit slow. Great FX though, you're right.

    Oh, and Jessica Jones on Netflix is great. It's Marvel, but very little superhero. It's a noir PI show.
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  37. cncoats

    cncoats Member Who Talks

    Just finished Fargo, season 2. TV f'ng perfection. I may have to kick someone out of my top 3 to make room.
  38. Simms to Gilbert

    Simms to Gilbert Member Who Talks (A Lot!)

    Having a lovely Christmas morning watching the first few episodes of The Man in the High Castle (followed by an afternoon of finally seeing Star Wars). It's really good so far. I read the novel years ago but don't really remember much about it.
  39. Patrick

    Patrick Member Who Talks

    I will second the man in the high castle, great show. Also halfway through hand of God and it's entertaining as well. Amazon is doing a helluva job.
  40. Young Williams

    Young Williams Member Who Talks (A Lot!)

    Finally just finished Fargo S2. Awfully good.

    I'm dumb for how long it took me to realize what they were doing, but that's largely because I came in with a false expectation that S2 would be totally disconnected from S1.

    @Fuddy mentioned Sherlock... I cannot recommend S1 and S2 highly enough. "The Woman" might be my single favorite episode of television ever. Having said that, as much as I love the first two seasons, that's how much I hate S3. This one-off episode that they recently aired falls somewhere in between. Still not really sure what I think of it, though I know I felt "The Abominable Bride" represented at least a start back on a path toward the good, after the abomination that was S3.

    Lastly, on TV, I can't wait for The People v. OJ Simpson. Don't know if it'll be a trainwreck or a beaut, but I'm totally in either way.

    On movies, I'd echo many of @Mr.Lucas' thoughts, especially regarding Sicario, The Martian, and The Big Short.

    The one oversight, in my opinion--and I'm seeing this across most sites and awards shows--is the omission of Steve Jobs. It's very specific, and I can see why it may not be for everyone, but I can't shake the feeling that it was my favorite film in 2015. Sorkin is Sorkin, and he's always gonna leave his Sorkin all over the place, but I prefer his work when it's in the non-fiction realm. Seems like he does less bully-pulpit preaching. And I think Steve Jobs may be his operatic masterpiece.

    Anyway, hoping to do Man In the High Castle and Mr. Robot soon.

    Lastly, as I haven't seen it mentioned...Silicon Valley will be firing up again soon. If you like Mike Judge's humor, treat yo self like Donna and get caught up. It might be the best thing on TV the fewest people talk about.
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