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    When you're at the gas station or McDonald's grabbing some gas, coffee or tea real quick and you go to take a leak and some dude comes in and destroys the porcelain throne right next to you? You're just quietly minding your own business at the urnal and your hear some sounds that might go well with Outkast's "Bombs over Baghdad" as ol' boy unleashes hell's fury on the poor Racetrac toilet. What's your reaction?

    A quick thought to yourself, "Gross." and then a quick exit where you may or may not wash hands? Is it a thoughtful, "Oh wow." out loud and you're grossed out, but have some sympathy? Or do you act like me and start laughing out loud and just say, "WHAMMY!" like I did today? I used to have a co worker who would laugh at the rig if he destroyed the toilet, which I found comical. And lightened the mood. What's even funnier is if you're at a urnal beside a dude who thinks it's funny and then you add sounds to it as well. Am I the only person who finds this awkward, but also funny? Should I start a poll?

    P.S. The all time movie scene has to be the Austin Powers scene with the, "Who does #2 work for?" scene and then the dude one stall over says, "Come on buddy, how about a courtesy flush?" Hahahaha, anyway. Its offseason and it's a funny topic that probably shouldn't be discussed over a steak with a pretty lady, but one worth perusing with the true internet legends and stalwarts of the Inside Texas community.
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    .........not post this would be a good start
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    So a gentleman with no comment? Also, washed hands on way out
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    Gene Tennyson at the plate and Kaplow! Whammy!
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    Normally have a giggle and think, “been there and good luck.”
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