Friday’s in the Humidor – 12/29/17

Anthony Wheeler at the Texas Bowl. (Will Gallagher/IT)

Anthony Wheeler at the Texas Bowl. (Will Gallagher/IT)

If the bowl game was a glimpse into next year — and with almost everyone who played significant snaps returning it can be construed as such — the win over Missouri could be telling, and I’m only partially referring to the outcome.

In recent weeks we’ve discussed a Tom Herman that suggests he knows he was in danger of losing the team after a mentally exhausting season. We mentioned practices were still pretty tough but overall he had been a bit more laid back and personable in recent weeks.

Some honest and frank discussions seem to have had a positive effect not unlike a family eruption at the dinner table where everyone gets things off their chest that had been bothering them for some time. Once you reach that stage it’s almost a reset of sorts. Position coaches asked players how they could better perform their job and from what I hear the players didn’t hold back. As typical with those family discussions there’s usually plenty of blame to go around so I’m surely not singling out the coaches. Some players lack mental toughness which we’ll hit on in a bit.

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