Game thoughts: Big 12 tournament – Texas Tech

Kendal Yancy (Will Gallagher/IT)

Kendal Yancy (Will Gallagher/IT)

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Texas – 61
Texas Tech – 52
ESPN Box Score

Overall Game Thoughts

Uhh…I blacked out for about a half hour there and, it would appear, Texas won a game away from the Erwin Center.

Actually, that doesn’t sound right…but…oh…nope, it seems to be accurate.




Open miss after open miss during the first half saw the Longhorns down by double digits close to the end of the first stanza and it was fortunate in that it could have been much worse.

In fact, UT was, at one point, 1-15 from deep in the first half, highlighting just how inept the Longhorns were shooting the ball for the first 19 minutes.

Then Andrew hit a three…and Yancy fought for a loose ball and pulled Texas within six at the half.

Then, in the final stanza, Texas took advantage of a Tech team that seemed to assume the Longhorns would simply fold (not a terrible bet, all things considered) and, in doing so, allowed UT to get to the rim against lackadaisical defending in the open floor.

They also decided to not miss wide open threes (well, only two of them, at least) and even hit one contested one (thank you, Mo Isom).



If the energy is there, even a team that runs the type of motion offense Tech does under Bead can be guarded if you’re willing to bring the intensity.

Following the two half narrative, Texas was energetic but incompetent for the first 20 minutes.

Then, in the second half, they found the sweet spot between being comfortable giving Tech space beyond 23 feet and closed out well while keeping spatial awareness in the lane.

Tech, in turn, took some contested threes and forced some difficult looks when they thought Texas’ zone was vulnerable (thanks again, Mo).

Texas rebounded well, got out in transition very well and will live to fight another day.


A Look at the Numbers:

Texas Tech.shot 35.6% (21-59) overall, 26.3% (5-19) from three and 62.5% (5-8) from the line.

Texas shot 40% (20-50) overall, 21.7% (5-23) from three and 80% (16-20) from the line.

Texas had more rebounds (36-34), TTU had more assists (11-5) while both teams had 9 turnovers.


Star of the Game: Kendal Yancy

I’d have been comfortable giving this to Roach, Jones or Isom (big three, homey) but Kendal’s aggressive play in what could have been his last game makes me smile inside.

He found lane touches when UT needed them.

He hit a long range three to get the streak going.

He grabbed two big offensive rebounds that led directly to points.

His wing defense made Texas 2-3 zone work on the weakside.

I love this dude.

Nice game, Kendal (8 points, 6 rebounds, 2 steals).


The Endgame:

Now I have to watch/write about another game tomorrow.

Thanks, guys.

Makes me happy.