Game Thoughts: Iowa State

Tevin Mack. (Will Gallagher/IT)

Tevin Mack. (Will Gallagher/IT)

AMES, IA – Overall Game Thoughts

Early turnovers and some big three point makes from the Cyclones doomed an otherwise applaudable game from the Texas Longhorns as they fell to Iowa State *-* in Ames.


Turnovers. Turnovers. Turnovers.

Miscues, tentative play and poor decisions hurt the Longhorns far too often against a veteran Iowa State team that wasn’t about to hurt themselves.

In the first half alone, Texas turned the ball over 12 times (8 of them live ball) with Jarrett Allen responsible for six of them by himself.

It sabotaged an otherwise impressive game by the Horns.

In many ways, this was a terrific game from the Longhorns on the offensive end.

Roach did a tremendous job on ball screen action and the floor spacing was very good. It was also a night where Texas got some off schedule shooting from deep by Kerwin Roach.

Jones was active and penetrated well. Mack continued his solid play from deep and in getting to the rim.

Even Allen, with all of his turnovers, played very well in the second half as a screener, passer and playmaker around the low block.

Fun to watch.

However, the reality for Texas is that they can’t give good teams (read, pretty much everybody in the Big 12) extra opportunities and ISU took 14 more shots from the field than did the Longhorns.

Better, but not good enough.


Deonte Burton picked a hell of a game to go ape****.

When Texas had Allen on him, they took advantage of Allen’s help defense and used BUrton on cuts. When they had Mack on him, they took advantage of Mack’s lack of strength and let Burton take him in one-on-one. When they had Shaq on him…well, when Shaq was on him, Shaq didn’t last in the game all that long.

That really was the defensive story of the game.

The Longhorns were good enough against Long, Morris and Thomas (38 points on 32 shots) but that wasn’t going to get it done when ISU gets a night like they got from Burton (27 points on 12-17 shooting and 3-4 from deep).

Such is sports.

A Look at the Numbers:

Iowa State shot 49.2% (32-65) overall, 41.7% (14-23) from three, and 41.7% (5-12) from the line.

Texas shot 52.9% (27-51) overall, 50% (8-16) from three, and 50% (8-16) from the line.

Texas won the rebounding battle (35-29) while ISU had more assists (19-12) and fewer turnovers (11-19).

Star of the Game: Kerwin Roach Jr

What a stud.

To be asked to do what Shaka asks of him, defensively, and then to be the primary ball handler all while playing 37 minutes.


But, what was awesome tonight was that he did some things he hasn’t really done before.

He hit three pull up jumpers from deep. Twice he got the ball into Allen at the rim which eliminated the chance for a double team and ended up in buckets.

He even looked comfortable in the flat screen and roll which hasn’t been his finest looks before.

Great offensive game on top of what has become a consistent positive from his defense (22 points, 2 rebounds, 5 assists, 1 block, 1 steal).

The Endgame:

There are so many positives to take out of this kind of performance, right?

Better execution in the second half against an active, swarming defense.

Point guard play that looked competent and improving.

Continued solid play from Mack and Jones off the ball.

Good defensive communication and energy.

Responses to a good team in a tough environment.

But they lost. And they, largely, did it to themselves with a ****ty first half.

Still, I like where this team is headed.

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