Game Thoughts: OSU rematch

Jarrett Allen with the flush versus Iowa State. (Will Gallagher/IT)

Jarrett Allen with the flush versus Iowa State. (Will Gallagher/IT)

Texas – 71
Oklahoma State – 84
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Overall Game Thoughts

A big first half run and some hot shooting from some unlikely sources carried OSU to a comfortable win against a Texas team that is still winless away from the Erwin Center.


Whether it’s Texas finding ways to lose, the lack of a true point guard to create quality shots in crucial moments, ****ty crunch time shooting or whatever, Texas simply can’t give away some of the possessions they did tonight.

Jarrett’s free throw shooting (0-7) was a backbreaker and hard to understand coming immediately after he made the two late ones to beat ISU. That he missed two front ends of one-and-ones meant nine points were actually left off the board.

Can’t do it.

Davis missed three uncontested three pointers. So, as Forte and Hammonds were knocking down shot after shot, Texas’ best perimeter threat came up largely empty on shots where he was basically shooting alone.

Can’t do it.

Jones’ attacking mindset was in full effect on drives and as a distributor, but he missed all six of his three pointers and needed 16 shots to put up 16 points.

Can’t do it.

Young missed all four of his threes and managed two boneheaded mistakes that directly led to points for OSU.

Cleare never was able to make his mark on a game where OSU’s big men were in foul trouble most of the night.

Yancy put up shots but still was timid and got outhustled unlike in his last game against the Cyclones.

Can’t have it. Can’t have it. Can’t have it.

There were multiple things Texas was clearly better than OSU at over the course of this game, but when shooting’s not one of them…



I will say I liked how many minutes Banks got as he was a better matchup against OSU’s quicker lineup.

Beyond that, though, this was an ugly defensive game for Texas.

Too much space for Carroll. Too much space for Hammonds. Too little resistance given to Forte. Too many poor shots on offense leading to easy runouts and open looks on the other end.

Then, when OSU was burning Texas on curl screens and low perimeter shooting, Texas decided to switch to zone. Which, to say the least, was kind of trying to avoid getting listening to Bon Jovi music at a Philadelphia bar.

Oklahoma State ball movemented Texas right out of that zone (though not soon enough) and Coach Smart really didn’t have a lot of options with OSU getting big points from Hammonds and Dillard to go along with their consistent big three.


A Look at the Numbers:

Oklahoma State shot 50% (34-68) overall, 52.6% (10-19) from three and 75% (6-8) from the line.

Texas shot 46% (29-63) overall, 17.4% (4-23) from three and 50% (9-18) from the line.

Both teams had 38 rebounds, while OSU had more assists (18-14) and fewer turnovers (11-13).

Star of the Game: Kerwin Roach II

There were still a few too many possessions where he seemed unsure of his ability to dribble past the hard hedge early in the shot clock but, other than that, this was a pretty clean game for Roach.

His offensive numbers were solid and he showed some better patience and creativity as a passer to go with some good defense in holding Evans to 6-15 shooting.

Unsurprisingly, his offensive shooting numbers took a step up today after he moved primarily off the ball and could attack as a secondary playmaker, which bodes well for next year with the addition of Coleman.

Nice game for Roach when most of the rest of the team had some real issues, efficiency wise (13 points, 6 rebounds, 5 assists, 3 steals).

The Endgame:

I mean, it’s sort of whatever at this point, amirite?

It sure would be nice for them to win on the road, but I just don’t think this Texas team can put that together given A) the collective strength of the Big 12; and B) the significant issues Texas inevitably has in their offensive execution away from home.

So, now, we put that theory to the test as Texas heads to Norman.

Here’s to insanity giving us hope for a different outcome (that and the almost certain fact that OU won’t draw dick for that game, attendance wise).