Happy Hour at Pinkerton’s BBQ, Thurs. 4/6 (Houston)

Pinkerton's BBQ (Eric Nahlin)

Pinkerton’s BBQ (Eric Nahlin)

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Grant Pinkerton and I befriended each other on Twitter a while back. I inquired about his BBQ and he told me he was moving from trailer to brick and mortar. That sent off bells; his BBQ is obviously good because somebody loaned him money to start up in the Heights.

Since I was headed to Houston Heights High School on Thursday I multi-tasked my ass off and went to Pinkerton’s beforehand, on behalf of you, dear reader. The sacrifices this job entails know no bounds.

I hollered at him beforehand just to make sure there would still be food around 2:00. (Full disclosure: I paid for everything and didn’t look for him upon arrival. My novice BBQ smoked-takes are not for purchase!)

It was delicious. Previously I met with some IT members at Killen’s, including @Turnbo828 after he tried to back out because of child rearing. I left that day thinking Killen’s was a bit overrated and Turnbo was a capable father. I prefer Corkscrew’s brisket to Killen’s.

Grant’s brisket compares very favorably to Corkscrew’s.

What sets Grant apart is he has a bar. Bourbons, whiskeys, canned beer starting at $2 (at least on that day), etc. I might have returned after the visit to Heights to responsibly indulge in a couple of beers as traffic died down.

I asked Pinkerton about his story and it resonated; he fell into this job while messing around with friends. It also resonated because he’s a Longhorn diehard, and even took the Van Wilder path to prove it. He isn’t just Austin, he’s Central Texas (check the goat BBQ thread on his Instagram).

I was surprised at how intelligent his questions were. He knows football, recruiting, etc. I’m sure he’s a sub somewhere, but now @PinkertonsBBQ is a sub here too.

Just North of downtown, I think this is an easy place to meet for a happy hour. They serve dinner because he’s smart enough to know if you make it through the 2:00-5:00 “dead period” there’s money to be made between BBQ and dinner drinks.

So, I’m willing to depart from the Red Lion just this once, and then probably twice. I owe you guys a happy hour, what do you think? Next week, maybe Wednesday or Thursday would be ideal, but I could do a Saturday.