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Inside Scoop: 4/2/19 (Part II – Percentages)

Chris Thompson (Justin Wells/IT)
Chris Thompson (Justin Wells/IT)

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As you may know, we use percentages to periodically update our perception of UT’s standing with priority recruits.

We base that perception off of:

1. Program sources, and not just from UT
2. Player sources, often directly from the player but not always
3. Fact patterns — often times a player’s actions speak louder than his words
4. Intuition, which is sometimes dangerous but often helpful

For this installment I reached out to HelmetBoy and Justin Wells to add some extra voices. We’re all privy to much of the same info, but our reading of the tea leaves may differ here and there.

I’ll add player fit, too, because that’s always a good secondary discussion.

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