Inside Texas Inside Scoop – 9/3/18

Keaontay Ingram (Will Gallagher/IT)

Keaontay Ingram (Will Gallagher/IT)

By: Justin and Eric

Let’s get straight to the (bullet) points.

— After going through the full range of emotions, the team is surprisingly calm and confident despite the opening-season loss to Maryland. After Sunday’s video session there’s more optimism within the program than you might expect. They found more good than bad, and lots of small fixable things like taking better angles, tackling better, protecting the ball, and less penalties. Generally cleaner play gets them out of Maryland with a win.

— Unfortunately nobody we’ve talked to really knows why the team came out ill-prepared for the second opener in a row. We have queried quite a few people on that and haven’t gotten a response beyond some incoherent mumbling. That’s a little concerning, though in sports that happens. It’s just at Texas it happens too much and it seemed like this program had moved past that.

— Sunday was spent largely on fixing mistakes from Saturday. They didn’t wear pads but they worked on little teaching points to hammer home mental fundamentals.

More on play-calling, injury report, and more in the Scoop.

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