Inside Texas Roundtable OSU

Each week, the staff at Inside Texas will do our best prognosticating of all things Texas and college football. We’ll make predictions on various subject matter pertaining to Texas sports and college football in general. Of course, you can hold us to these picks.
*Texas vs Oklahoma State score:

Eric – Texas vs OSU score/outcome: _______ 38-34, Oklahoma State. Athletically and schematically UT matches up well. Execution, unfortunately, benefits Oklahoma State. Either a Justin Gilbert return or a Clint Chelf off schedule run cripples UT’s chances.

Justin – Oklahoma State 40 Texas 30. Mack’s luck runs out this week as the Cowboys come in with advantages at QB, OL, and LB. Both are products of slow starts and strong finishes in 2013. Both have experience, but OSU’s might be more. Bill – TEXAS 37 – OSU 30. This is not only the best home game of the year but it is college football’s top contest of the weekend. Okie State is trending in all the right directions, offensively, since Clint Chelf was handed the keys and having found a power back in Desmond Roland, averaging nearly 160 yards in three starts. Historically, the Cowboys have found a way to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory in this series with Texas holding a 23-4 all-time advantage. However, OSU could become the first team to win three straight in Austin since Colorado turned the trick in the 1990s. Yet, it’s been years since I’ve been around a Texas team as confident and relaxed as this one. They keep finding a way to win despite all the injuries and distractions surrounding Mack Brown’s status. Texas is due for a solid start and a complete game. I’m thinking they’ll have that Saturday on their own turf.

Mike – Oklahoma State 42, Texas 35. Going with Texas to lose again this week in hopes that the Longhorns – like last week when I also picked them to lose – will thus win. Not very analytical, but….Seriously, I do think losing Gray and Whaley is a big deal, not so much against an average West Virginia team, but certainly against a team like Oklahoma State. At some point the merry-go-round stops.

Michael – Texas 34 , OSU 31. The Horns are bruised and battered, but amazingly, still unbeaten in the Big 12. As the wins have piled up, seems to me this team has gained some chemistry and a belief, if not a swagger. The losses of Whaley and Gray will hurt, but won’t cripple the Horns on either side of the ball. Oklahoma State is good, but not other-worldly. I like the Horns at home in a squeaker.

Jesus – Ok State 45 Texas 35

Clendon – Oklahoma State 42, Texas 27. This is the week that the Horns face the reality that the six-game winning streak had just a tad bit to do with (largely) bad Big 12 competition along with some (at times) good play. The Cowboys are the best team Texas has faced this season, which will require another State Fair-level performance to win this one, and with the injuries piled up and now two consecutive weeks of poor play, I don’t see that happening. The loss won’t knock the Horns completely out of Big 12 contention, but they’ll need A LOT of help to get the title, so the Mack Brown ‘retirement’ talk will heat up again at about 6 p.m. Saturday evening. *Texas leading receiver vs OSU:

Eric – Number of catches: Shipley with 8. Yardage: Shipley with 95.

Justin – Marcus Johnson, two TDs. Bill – Jaxon Shipley (in receptions) and Mike Davis (in yards). I’m looking for Daje Johnson to atone for spotty play at West Virginia.

Mike – Mike Davis

Michael – Jaxon Shipley — 6

Jesus – Mike Davis

Clendon – Mike Davis *Will Texas have a 7-sack repeat? Number of sacks?:

Eric – Tough call. Chelf’s mobility could go either way towards this stat as runs behind the LOS are sacks. I’ll say no, however. 3 traditional sacks, 2 tackles for loss that will be considered sacks for 5 total.

Justin – No, simply because Chelf could be the best QB Texas has seen so far this year. And Oklahoma State’s O-line is underrated. Bill – No. The Cowboys have not given up more than two sacks in any game this season. Texas should come away with three. Mike – 4 sacks

Michael – No; 3 this week.

Jesus – No/3

Clendon – No. Opponents have just eight sacks total in nine games vs. the Cowboys.

*With Whaley and Gray out, who steps up in their spots?

Eric – With Whaley and Gray out, who steps up in their spots? __________ We’ve already seen it. Desmond Jackson will play a lot, though Ridgeway is the future. Malcolm Brown will get the bulk of the carries inside, but I think Applewhite will use Daje more as a TB to get outside. Justin – Jalen Overstreet and Hassan Ridgeway

Bill – Very impressed with Desmond Jackson coming in off the bench at Morgantown. If RB Malcolm Brown was a little more patient with his blocks, he could consistently be the back we expected to see a consistent basis. I have to believe Daje Johnson is going to come up big Saturday.

Mike –  Tank Jackson and Malcolm Brown Michael – Hassan Ridgeway for Whaley, Joe Bergeron for J-Gray

Jesus – Tank/Overstreet

Clendon – Hassan Ridgeway gives us a glimpse of the future at DT and Joe Bergeron gives us a glimpse of the past at RB.

*Number of times Saban name is mentioned:

Eric – Don’t know, don’t care. I’ll be at the game with JS and TxPride and we won’t mention Saban once, said the liar.

Justin – Saban’s name will be mentioned four times, twice in reference to his diversified portfolio. Bill – Once by Fox Sports announcers during the broadcast; repeatedly on message boards and Twitter.

Mike – No Saban references.

Michael – A couple, but I doubt they speculate about it too much. Jesus – twice

Clendon – Nick Saban’s name will not be mentioned on the broadcast. *Upset of the week in college football:

Eric – Upset of the week in college football? _________ I help UH with recruiting so I’m all in on the Coogs. Beat Louisville. It’s at least feasible (don’t money line it IT brethren).

Justin – Houston over Louisville

Bill – Texas is a three-point ‘dog, so I am picking the Horns to pull the upset at home. Wouldn’t be surprised to see Houston upset Louisville.

Mike – Nebraska over Michigan State

Michael – USC over Stanford

Jesus – Georgia over Auburn

Clendon – USC over Stanford.