Inside the Gameplan: Brandon Jones

Brandon Jones. (Will Gallagher/IT)

Brandon Jones. (Will Gallagher/IT)

There are two effective responses to roster turnover that you tend to see from strong programs. The first is what would best be described as “the reload” in which a star player at a featured position is replaced by another player that’s been developing and biding his time for the opportunity. The RB position is definitely one where you want to see a “reload” effect while for Texas the “rover” position, “H-back,” and really the QB also fall under that category. The other type of response to turnover is to elevate the roles of returning starters who were serving more as support for their star teammates and now get their chance to lead the way.

You see this regularly with quarters coverage teams that might shift which defender they leave on an island and which defender they try to get involved in the run game based on where they’re strong at corner and safety.

Brandon Jones falls more under the second type of response to turnover. With Texas losing DeShon Elliott, Jason Hall, and Holton Hill from the 2017 secondary, Jones figures to play a more prominent role as a junior and returning starter. As a third-year player and one of the most talented and experienced students at DBU, Texas needs Jones to have a big year in 2018.

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