Inside the Gameplan: Eternal Scoreboard

Manny DiazAfter a decade of bad football and proxy rivalry contests with Texas A&M over recruiting and relative success rates, it’s already easy to forget how ridiculous of an event the 2011 showdown was at the time. The 2011 Longhorns weren’t terribly good and only 6-4 with consecutive losses to Missouri and Kansas State in which the offense scored a combined 18 points heading into this matchup. It weighed heavily on Longhorn fandom that this decisive, final battle with the little bro Aggies was going to fall to this particular Texas team.

The main hope rested on the fact that while the Aggies were far and away the more talented team, they were also spectacularly prone to quintessential “Aggie” calamities. Despite an offense with multiple future first round draft selections, A&M was 6-5 headed into this game and had blown halftime leads of 18 (to Arkansas), 17 (to Ok St), and 11 (to Missouri) as part of a defining season of underachievement that would ultimately cost head coach Mike Sherman his job.

Vegas evidently didn’t make much of that dimension and, seeing a talented A&M team playing at home in a series-defining game, they gave Texas eight points in the spread. A&M would give Texas so many more than eight points on this night.

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