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Inside the Gameplan: Grading the fits of Texas’ 2019 class

Myron Warren during his visit to UT. (Will Gallagher/IT)
Myron Warren during his visit to UT. (Will Gallagher/IT)

The 2019 class is going to go down as a game-changing group for the Texas football program. As we’re already seeing in the early stages of the 2020 cycle, Texas is clearly going to continue to answer Horace Greeley’s call to “go west” in order to find top prospects. Oklahoma leaned heavily on that strategy this decade while they were getting pushed out of Texas after bringing Mike Stoops and Tim Kish in fresh off their stint in Arizona. It yielded mixed results for them, regularly bringing in blue chip talent but some of which flamed out and some of which drove their success.

Texas pulled in four Californians and two Arizonans, the six of which represent some of the strongest components to the class. They also found six players in SEC country and 13 from within the Lone Star State making Texans a slim majority in the class.

Another dimension to this class that will stand out in the future is the large number of versatile, hybrid players that Texas stocked up on. The Longhorns made hay in 2018 by moving their five skill players around in different alignments to cause matchup issues for defenses and the 2019 class includes a number of players that have the size and versatility to cause similar issues when they find themselves on the field. Overall here’s how well Tom Herman and his staff did in filling the roster with players that can realize their vision.

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