Inside the Gameplan: How Orlando secured the bag

Anthony Wheeler (Will Gallagher/IT)

Anthony Wheeler (Will Gallagher/IT)

There was certainly some consternation over how well Texas would defend Missouri’s offense in the bowl game and then in turn what that might say about their prospects for 2018. Holton Hill, Malik Jefferson, and DeShon Elliott were all going to be missing after all and the Tigers had been throwing all over the hapless SEC East down the stretch of the season.

There was also a rash of injuries for the Longhorns that were included in ESPN’s infographic they kept turning to which showed all of the superior athletes that would be unavailable for the game. Then none of that ended up mattering because Texas still had their DL and Todd Orlando. Missouri ended up with 16 points from 390 yards with four turnovers and a 3-14 performance on third down that all amounted to a grand shellacking by the Longhorns despite their own weak offensive performance.

Now granted that Michael Dickson absolutely dominated that football game, but Texas’ manhandling of Missouri on the heels of a breakthrough season on defense eased most all concerns about the unit heading into 2018. Then A&M started throwing money around like they won the lottery and Orlando ended up securing the real bag, a $2 mill-per annum distribution from the gold vaults under the UT tower.

Here’s how he put Missouri on Lockdown (get it?) and what he did in his first stab at putting the pieces together to build a dominant D for 2018.

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