Inside the Gameplan: How to beat Georgia

Sam  (Will Gallagher/IT)
Sam (Will Gallagher/IT)

The main value of this game for Texas is that they’re going to face a playoff caliber program, indeed one that they’d be likely to face if they made the playoffs in upcoming seasons, that isn’t Oklahoma. The Sooners are a great annual test and Texas’ road to the playoffs goes through OU, but it’s valuable to get a feel for where you’re at relative to a program like Georgia. After all, beating an SEC power is not a hurdle that the Sooners have yet cleared.

Winning would be a positive sign but the main value is just for the players and staff to get a feel for how they look relative to one of the bigger, stronger, and more physical squads in the country. If the result is negative that will simply be a helpful indicator of what needs to change for Texas to break through in coming seasons, the actual outcome of this game is mostly meaningless although it’ll be a fun exhibition.

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