Inside the Gameplan: Moving on from Maryland

DeShon Elliott and the Texas Defense (Will Gallagher/IT)

DeShon Elliott and the Texas Defense (Will Gallagher/IT)

The Maryland game was a pretty brutal wake up call for Texas football. The fans, players, and staff all surely thought they were further along than this as a team but an 18-point dog putting up 263 rushing yards, 51 points, and a W in DKR forces a different perspective on the coming season.

A closer look though says that perhaps everyone just got ahead of themselves. That this team is on a reasonably positive trajectory but fell into the trap of thinking they just needed one offseason to flip the switch from “Jayhawk prey” to “10-win conference contenders!”

On both sides of the ball the Longhorns went into this game with calls and strategies that suggested the biggest problem on the 40 Acres might just be self-awareness. If so, that game should work like Windex on the vanity mirror. Here’s what the staff saw when they rewatched the film.

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