Inside the Gameplan: Red River Shootout

Tom Herman (Will Gallagher/IT)
Tom Herman (Will Gallagher/IT)

Since that fateful 2013 game when Mack Brown’s final Texas team unexpectedly beat down the Sooners in Dallas 36-20, the series is 3-2 in OU’s favor with a margin of Texas +6 and four consecutive single-possession outcomes. Texas has come into the game every year since and been as physical or more physical than the Sooners with gameplans that allowed them to play to their strengths and attack OU’s weaknesses.

The most recent contest saw Texas fight hard to control the Sooner offense and come within a few busted coverages from holding the Sooners under 20 points and within one busted coverage of winning. The offense started miserably, spotting OU a 20-0 lead when Mike Stoops’ man coverage from nickel successfully stymied Texas’ passing game until Sam Ehlinger started punishing them with scrambles that resulted in a big comeback and a 22 carry for 110 yards and a TD day rushing.

This game has always been an emotional street fight but for the last five years it’s only been Texas that has come into the game willing to throwdown with bare knuckles and consequently they’ve often outplayed OU teams that were far superior all other things considered.

As you’ll see, the matchups this year are much different, the Longhorns are coming into this contest with some real advantages beyond a propensity to have a more physical team and a sharper gameplan.

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