Inside the Gameplan: The 2017 Red River Shootout

Dorian Leonard. (Will Gallagher/IT)

Dorian Leonard. (Will Gallagher/IT)

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This is the big one, the biggest game on the schedule almost every single season for the simple reason that Oklahoma is the only other program in the Big 12 with Texas’ resources. Since A&M, Colorado, Nebraska, and Missouri left the league you’d have figured that this game would only grow in importance but…Texas hasn’t made the most of their new place in a weakened league.

As Scipio noted recently, the next step to Texas reclaiming a place of prominence in the Big 12 is NOT beating Oklahoma. It’s beating teams like West Virginia, Oklahoma State, and Kansas State that have been undeniably stronger programs this decade than the Longhorns. That said, Oklahoma will always be the truest measurement of whether Texas is where it needs to be or not as a football program.

Tom Herman is the head coach at Texas today in part because he demonstrated the proper way to approach Oklahoma last year at Houston.

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