IT Roundtable – Kansas

Texas flag. (Will Gallagher/IT)

Texas flag. (Will Gallagher/IT)

Texas looks for revenge after last year’s upset in Lawrence. We talk UT-KU, offensive/defensive standouts, Game of the Week, and the Upset of the Week. The Inside Texas Roundtable discusses all.

1. How does Texas get back to .500 against the Jayhawks?
Eric Nahlin – Don’t play them in basketball.

Justin Wells – By beating the pants off Kansas tonight. This program needs a fun win. The type of win when everyone contributes, makes a few big plays, and the defense does what the defense has been doing in 2017.

Ian Boyd – By showing up and playing football. Kansas lost to Baylor, whom Texas thrashed on the road with relative ease. They lost to a Baylor team that was really beat up, no less. The Kansas team that upset Texas last year had a veteran secondary and faced a completely beat up Shane Buechele and worn down D’Onta Foreman. So long as Texas has two healthy-ish QBs to avoid a disaster it’s hard to see last year’s circumstances repeating.

Joe Cook – Don’t overlook the Jayhawks. There is no reason to think Texas won’t roll over Kansas, but there is still football to be played. Score early (and don’t let it be fool’s gold like Jacorey Warrick’s touchdown reception last season).

Scipio Tex – Get the team bus safely to the stadium. Use this game as an opportunity to rep what we’ll need to do against West Virginia and Texas Tech.

2. Players to watch on offense and defense:
Eric Nahlin – Buechele needs to shred Kansas and show that if he at least has a clean pocket he can be a player. Assuming the OL holds up against KU. Player to watch is actually plural; the job battle between Davante Davis and Josh Thompson. Ideally Thompson wins this job outright going into next season and that road could start on Saturday.

Justin Wells – On offense, it’s Toneil Carter. The frosh RB is back and is good for a couple long TD runs. On defense, it’s Davante Davis. Taking over for Holton Hill, he needs a confidence boost in the worst way. A good showing against the lowly Jayhawks is a start.

Ian Boyd – On offense, expect Daniel Young to break a lot of long runs. I have a pal that loves to bet the under on Texas games and I warned him he might want to stay away from this one. “You don’t want to be watching Texas’ backs run wild in the fourth quarter on a beaten, quitting Kansas defense and cursing yourself for betting that Kansas might do something right.” I think I’ll keep an eye on Daniel Wise though, just to see how Texas’ OL handles him. For the Texas defense, the play of Holton Hill’s replacement will be interesting to observe but I’m also keen to see how how Kris Boyd handles the knowledge that he’s now Texas’ de-facto lead cornerback.

Joe Cook – Toneil Carter. Texas RBs do well against poor defenses. This should be a game in which Carter is able to gain edges and out-athlete Jayhawk defenders. On defense, I expect Charles Omenihu to do well. If you unfortunately remember last year’s game, Omenihu showed a ton of emotion after the game. I doubt he forgot what Lawrence felt like. I doubt he wants that to happen again.

Scipio Tex – Offense: Daniel Young and Toneil Carter. Specifically, I’ll be watching how they do in pass protection and catching the ball. The faster they round into shape, the higher our upside. Defense: I’ll be watching Josh Thompson, Davante Davis and Antwuan Davis. How they hold up and the confidence they play with will give us some clues about how this season finishes out.

3. Prediction:
Eric Nahlin – 38-10. We saw this team gain some confidence ahead of USC by beating San Jose State soundly. Let’s see that again as they get ready for yet another tough road game next week in Morgantown.

Justin Wells – Texas 45, KU 13.

Ian Boyd – Texas 48-10

Joe Cook – 45-10 Texas (cover!)

Scipio Tex – Texas-39, Kansas-5

4. Game of the week:
Eric Nahlin – I’ll have dueling TV’s set up for Miami versus Notre Dame and TCU versus OU. Texas would benefit modestly on the recruiting trail if TCU can get the win.

Justin Wells – Catholics vs Convicts. Snow vs Humidity. Rudy vs The U. Notre Dame vs Miami. ND by 3.

Ian Boyd – Georgia vs Auburn, War Eagle has looked like something close to a playoff team but not quite there while Georgia has been steamrolling people. It’s likely that both of these teams will play Alabama in the near future which will reveal a lot.

Joe Cook – TCU and OU

Scipio Tex – Catholics vs. Convicts.

5. Upset pick of the week:
Eric Nahlin – Michigan State over Ohio State. It’s irrational but that line is absurdly high at -16/-17 and I detest Ohio State. Is somebody out I’m unaware of? Wouldn’t mind seeing MSU over Alabama. It’s possible.

Justin Wells – Kansas State over WVU. The Purple Wizard thumps the Red Bull spokesperson in Manhattan.

Ian Boyd – Michigan State over Ohio State. The 15.5 point spread in that game is a joke, Mark Dantonio haunts Urban Meyer and J.T. Barrett’s dreams.

Joe Cook – TCU over OU

Scipio Tex – SMU over Navy.

6. Final Four:
Eric Nahlin – Unchanged. Georgia, Alabama, Notre Dame, Clemson. Miami is due a loss so ND stays in. Maybe a win over TCU allows OU to leapfrog Clemson. Ugh.

Justin Wells – Alabama, Notre Dame, OU, Clemson. Miami and Georgia get left out. TCU too, unless they beat the Sooners.

Ian Boyd – Georgia, Bama, Notre Dame, Wisconsin is my choice for the eventual four.

Joe Cook – Georgia, Alabama, TCU, Miami (FL)

Scipio Tex – Don’t care.