Texas-New Mexico Report Cards

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By Mike Venable, Special to Inside Texas
Posted Sep 10, 2012
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Mason Walters

Inside Texas' Coaches Corner Moderator Mike Veneable breaks down win number two against New Mexico, grading the individual player performances from Saturday night at DKR.


We spent most of our drives working on areas of needed improvement. We threw with more conviction. We ran our packages with different personnel in order to determine our strengths and weaknesses. Both quarterbacks threw to a wide variety of receivers. Six different running backs got the ball out of that position. Six different receivers caught the ball. Two of the four tight ends caught the ball. Ten different offensive linemen played more than one series. We put 45 on the board with only 10 minutes of clock in the 1st half. 

Here are the grades and comments: New Mexico Offensive Report Card


It's hard to figure exactly what our personnel worked on this week but it's safe to say it wasn't option responsibilities because we played without any semblance of assignment football. The only concession I found was allowing the offside safety to sprint across the formation to challenge the option from the offside. Otherwise, we played pretty much read technique across the board - the only problem with that is the option eats readers alive with hesitates on fakes. We might be able to high tech gameplan the hell out of the spread chuck and duck against most current offenses but we lacked a little imagination with this plan against the clock eating option. It's a good thing our 11 were better athletes because that was ugly to watch.

Here are the grades and comments: New Mexico Defensive Report Card


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