Malik Jefferson discusses Saturday visit

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By Eric Nahlin, Inside Texas Recruiting Editor
Posted Jul 26, 2014
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Malik Jefferson at the Dallas NFTC. (Justin Wells/IT)

The Mesquite Poteet linebacker just left campus minutes ago and dropped me a line. If you're looking for some monumental update on Jefferson, now's not the time. He's in no hurry to decide, or even trim his list, rather, he'd prefer to continue doing his diligence and stick to his December timeline.

This allows the early enrollee to do as much homework on each school as possible while waiting for the all important data point to crystallize. That's of course the 2014 season.

As with many prospects, this is somewhat of a family decision. Accordingly, Jefferson traveled to Austin with his mother and two brothers. Pops would have loved to have made the trip but work beckons.

Here's what Jefferson had to say.

Inside Texas: No small talk needed. How'd it go?

Malik Jefferson: It went well. It was really laid back.

IT: What did the visit entail?

MJ: We spent a lot of time talking, really. Not only with Coach Strong and Coach BJ (Brian Jean-Marie), but also the rest of the coaches, even the Offensive Coordinator. We were there for four hours and spent it all in the offices.

IT: You said it was laid back. Did you see a softer side of Strong? Perhaps even humorous?

MJ: Oh yeah, we were laughing the whole time. 

IT: Football wise, what did you discuss?

MJ: We watched some film from when he was at Louisville, but not a whole lot. He wasn't really selling me too hard. He was actually pretty smooth about how bad he wanted me there - he wasn't over the top or laying it on too thick but I picked up on it.

IT: Did academics come up?

MJ: Some but not about actual school so much as life after football. We talked about that for a while, the importance of education, but it wasn't so much about what I would study in college.

IT: I'm sure he brought up the recent dismissals. What are your thoughts about that?

MJ: Yes, we discussed that. I mean, he said players were breaking their core values and that won't last. From my standpoint, I respect it; you have to. Following the rules is just something you've got to do.

IT: What was the highlight?

MJ: Ummm, it was just cool and relaxing. Like I said, we joked around a lot.

IT: And the lowlights?

MJ: Lowlights??? [laughing]

IT: Scale of 1-10, how was it?

MJ: 9/10.
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