Inside the Gameplan: USC

Shane Buechele (Will Gallagher/IT)

This is one of the big ones for Tom Herman in year one even though a pure “win or lose” metric probably won’t be the standard for what Texas needs to accomplish in the premier non-conference game. The Longhorns need to avoid an embarrassing blowout like they endured in 2015 in South Bend while a surprising victory like the 2016 triumph over the Fighting Irish would be more likely to prove a reliable omen.

A perusal of Big 12 recruiting

Texas at Oklahoma State. (Justin Wells/IT)

If you’re unaware of how Texas has positioned itself for the class of 2018, this is your first day at IT. Welcome!

But what’s going on in the rest of the conference? From following general recruiting my suspicion has been the rest of the conference is recruiting better top to bottom than in years past, but after writing this it seems status quo overall. Some schools are up, some down, but overall it seems to even out versus previous cycles.

The Elusive Potential of Naashon Hughes

Naashon Hughes in South Bend. (Will Gallagher/IT)

The players Tom Herman is sending to Big 12 Media Days shouldn’t surprise anyone. Well, three of them, anyway.

PJ Locke is the leader of the secondary and will emerge as a 2017 breakout talent, Michael Dickson is the best punter in college football and Connor Williams is a NFL 1st round draft pick.

Pretty straightforward.

Then there’s Naashon Hughes…

The Inside Scoop – 7/10/17

Al'Vonte Woodard. (courtesy of UA camp)

There isn’t one month on the CFB calendar more dull than July. Coaches are taking vacations, players are going home to rest up before the dreaded August heat and grind of 2-a-days. This is the month that can separate the good from the great. Some guys get content while others use it as an opportunity to get better. Here’s the schedule for Texas Football in the middle of the year.