For Herman, no pads means culture building

Tom Herman at his first spring practice of 2017 (Joe Cook/IT)

Everything up to this point for Tom Herman has had a purpose. With the team on spring break following two practices Herman called “underwear Olympics,” everything done to this point by Herman and his staff has been in order to instill the culture that helped propel him to 22 victories at the University of Houston.

Inside the Gameplan: Herman’s secret ingredient for 2017

Michael Dickson. (Will Gallagher/IT)

We probably haven’t put enough emphasis on how good and how important Texas’ offensive line could be in 2017. This might be a legitimately great unit that could make the competition at running back nearly irrelevant and leaning on their play will unquestionably be a big part of Herman’s strategy.

However, Herman has a secret weapon that could really transform Texas from the losing team that took the field in 2016 to a Big 12 contender in 2017; the special teams.

Texas takes advantage of A&M’s sloppy play, defeat rivals, 4-3

UFCU Disch-Falk Field (Joe Cook/IT)

AUSTIN — During rivalry games, players who let the emotions of the game interfere with their play often come out on the losing end.

Whether the No. 17 Texas A&M Aggies were playing too high or low emotionally may not be determined, but the multiple Aggie errors in the Longhorns’ fourth and fifth innings produced enough opportunities for Texas to take advantage.

Our Defense’s D-Line Demands: An Explanation

Charles Omenihu. (Will Gallagher/IT)

Last week, I commented on Herman’s fat shaming, as our head coach has made it a point to repeatedly mock the muffin-tops on our DL. He’s not talking about everyone (Nelson, Omenihu are on the good list) and there are clearly players who are too heavy but making the effort to cut down (Elliott, Ford), but he’s looking for proof in the pudding from several other athletes.

Checking in on Talent on the Coastal Plains

Andrew McGowan (Eric Nahlin/IT)

Increasingly football has become a year-round sport, and with it having the most scholarships to offer, that only makes sense. Gone are the days when athletes would show up to camps saying they were rusty, or haven’t thrown a football in two months because they were playing baseball.

Rivalry returns to action on diamond

David Pierce (Joe Cook/IT)

Since late November 2011, the Texas vs Texas A&M rivalry has yet to take place on a football field. It has taken place online in arguments between UT and A&M fans, on the cover of Dave Campbell’s Texas Football, and in various press conference swipes from coaches on both sides over the years.

Found in translation

Tom Herman at his first spring practice of 2017 (Joe Cook/IT)

Tom Herman is the “new guy” around here, so consequently, he needs a translator. Since I’ve been occupying this particular space for more than 12 years now, I’m uniquely qualified for the role, and am thus hiring myself. You’re welcome.