Coach V’s Grades – LA Tech

The most impressive aspect of our offensive effort was the intensity the majority of our troopers displayed from start to finish---every play and two deep. We definitely had speed bumps along the way but we overcame mistakes with dedicated effort and skill. We had several displays of player improvement along with quality play from some that weren't as proven or experienced. We should be able to build on this first game and correct the major concerns this week.

The Depth Gap

A big difference between the haves and have nots is overall team depth. The primary reason for this is obvious: better recruiting. While every team has the same amount of roster space, not every team has its choice of elite recruits who are typically further along the developmental curve. Even those elite prospects who are "raw" coming in can navigate the field through sheer size and athleticism.

Inside the Gameplan: 5 things to look for against La Tech

Everyone knows that La Tech is basically a tune-up for the other Louisiana team that visits Austin the following week. Texas is fortunate that La Tech is well practiced at executing a spread passing offense since that’s what the Longhorns will be expecting from LSU and then most every Big 12 team. It’s never fun when your week one opponent runs the triple option, as LSU’s foe (Georgia Southern) will do, as that requires some extra concentration to stop and can be taxing on a defense.