Buechele or Ehlinger? Yes…

Shane Buechele and Sam Ehlinger (Justin Wells/IT)

November has arrived, and though everyone more clearly understands the strengths and limitations of Texas quarterbacks Shane Buechele and Sam Ehlinger, no one appears to have a clear idea of who should be THE man behind center for the Longhorns with four games left to play.

Inside the Gameplan: Fighting the Frogs in Fort Worth

Malik Jefferson on the tackle (Will Gallagher/IT)

The TCU game has probably been the most consistently difficult on the schedule for Texas this decade. Lots of programs in the Big 12 will gameplan Texas diligently and precisely but none of them play defense to Gary Patterson’s standards and a weakness/tendency pounding defense has typically been the scariest thing imaginable for a 2010’s Texas offense.

The Scaaary Recruiting/Depth Discussion We Should Be Having: Linebacker

Gary Johnson (Will Gallgher/IT)

Much of our consternation about defensive recruiting has been focused on the Defensive Line. For good reason. It’s always crucial to get yours there every year. But even after Herman’s purging and our inability to secure 2018 DEs, the youth on our roster is more promising than the conventional wisdom holds. Holdovers like Nelson, Roach and Omenihu are proven assets. And I can make a pretty compelling argument that we’ll have good depth behind them (barring multiple injuries and bad luck) with players like Cummins, Fitzgerald, Wilbon and Graham on developmental schedule. Holes start to show up in 2019 (which is why the 2018 DL matter), but we have to trust the development process.