Post-Spring Then and Now – Running Backs

Chris Warren. (Will Gallagher/IT)

Chris Warren. (Will Gallagher/IT)

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Post-Spring – Linebackers

We’ll continue the series with running backs as Texas looks to find a replacement for D’Onta Foreman’s 2000 yards.

Texas has talent, albeit largely unproven, and it has bodies, but can anyone assert himself as the lead back while the rest of the depth chart finds its level behind him?

That answer is yes, provided Chris Warren stays healthy. That’s an ‘if’ the size Warren himself, as illustrated by an exchange between Scipio and I.

Scipio: What’s more likely, Warren runs for 600 yards or 1400 yards?
Moi: 1400 if he stays healthy, so 600.
Scipio: Yep.

If Warren does miss significant time I’m confident we’ll see a platoon with the most reliable players seeing the field first, even if others have more playmaking ability.

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