Quick Thoughts after Texas Basketball scrimmage (w/ quotes)

Andrew Jones (Will Gallagher/IT)

Andrew Jones (Will Gallagher/IT)

You never want to take too much from a scrimmage. You can’t glean a whole lot from an intrasquad game. But you can see the baseline of where this team is before the 2017-18 season. And it looks a lot better than what we’ve seen in the last few years.

So much athletic ability. So much effort. So much transition. So many 3’s. And what looks to be a full team in Shaka Smart’s 3rd year on the 40 Acres. Some quick thoughts:

1. These guys will play fast. They have the athletes, the numbers, and the depth to really be more aggressive on the floor. When you’ve got 3-4 guys you can bring off the bench to give the starters a breather, and not lose too much talent, you can win a few games you normally might not. Texas looks to have that this year.

2. The Starting 5. When Coleman, Osetkowski, Bamba, Davis, and Jones are your first five, that’s a good thing.

Bamba is as advertised. Team-high 17 points, 11 boards, and three blocks. He can shoot, pass, and protect the paint. The 7-foot-9 wingspan would be the largest in the NBA…right now. No way he doesn’t go Top 5 at this rate. He’s got a little Mutumbo in his game, without the long ass name.

Coleman was smooth. The way he handles the ball is better than anyone else, not just today, but in years in Austin. Being left-handed, you see some Kenny Anderson to his game, even thought he might be a better finisher. The frosh had nine points, 6-of-6 from the line, but only two assists, and three turnovers. I’ll take it when my point guard can handle the rock like that.

Osetkowski is that dude. The Tulane transfer that almost went to Arizona – thank God – was an instant impact guy. Just like everyone thought he’d be. Eight points, five boards, and two assists don’t seem that sexy from a guy still hobbled by a wrist injury, but his energy and savvy is top notch. He also might be the best passer on the team.

Davis Jr, where the hell have you been? After a solid freshman year, his stocked dropped after last season’s lackluster performance. He had 13 points on 5-of-8 shooting, a couple treys, and two boards in 19 minutes. The difference was confidence. This is a guy that worked all summer. I still hate his form/feet when he shoots, but make 40% for the year and I won’t say sh*t.

Jones, my personal favorite. Kid had the utmost talent and ability. At 15 points, and four rebounds+assists, you can see the fluidity starting to grow into this future NBA player. He can handle the ball, but only as a secondary measure. He can shoot the triple, he can create his own shot, and him playing off the ball is where he’s always belonged. He can also throw it down.

3. All the threes. My main contention entering this season was the lack of outside shooting. Apparently, a lot of this bunch read my memo because they not only drained triples, they shot with confidence. They shot 12-of-29 (41%) and look damn good doing it. The best part were the transition 3’s. Guys like Jacob Young and Kerwin Roach can find a role spotting up in the corner.

If Texas can maintain some of this shooting prowess, Texas Basketball will be fun to watch this season.

4. Communication. You won’t find this in the stats but one of the better observations was the constant talking between teammates during the scrimmage. This is an often overlooked but crucially vital part of building a winning program. You have to talk to each other. These guys wouldn’t shut up. When everyone is on the same page, good things happen. Even great sometimes.

5. No more Dance Contests. What in the hell was that? Stop. Please.

PARTING SHOT: James Banks (nine points, five boards) might add some much needed depth in the paint. Jericho Sims (11 points) can freaking fly and has a nice soft touch on his shot. And Jase Febres may help in a pinch.

Overall, this is a different looking Longhorns basketball team from what we could see tonight. Now, let’s do this in the real games.


Eric Davis

Eric Davis Jr. in the open floor (Will Gallagher/IT)

Eric Davis Jr. in the open floor (Will Gallagher/IT)

Opening statement: Lot of room for growth. We talked about data points this past week, and this is just a data point for us right now. We’ll talk about the good things. There’s some stuff we can clean up offensively and defensively. We’ll try to be the best defensive team in the country, but like I said it’s just a data point. We don’t want to be satisfied. Let’s feel good right now, but tomorrow let’s get right back at it. Watch some film, this is valuable tape like coach always says. Each individual player is going to get around to it and watch their own minutes. Just room for growth. We definitely have a sense of urgency for growth.

On having new faces able to help out: Definitely. The young guys are coming along. They’re helping us. It’s more of a team thing. It’s not just us being leaders, everybody is stepping up being a leader. Obviously we’re the older guys and more experienced, but they definitely lead in their own way. Just small things. Matt Coleman telling me to be shot ready. Mo Bamba telling me the next shot is going in. Just little stuff like that goes a long way. That’s the leadership that freshmen probably don’t get recognition for, but behind closed doors if they keep doing that that’s going to help us win ball games.

On what the offense will look like when clicking: Just a faced paced team. Just getting up and down, getting to our concepts, different things like that. Definitely a fast paced team, running and gunning, pressing, traditional Shaka Smart style offense.

On shooting the three: Definitely. Like you said, we didn’t hit a lot last year, but that was one of our focus points this summer. Just getting in the lab, and working on our games. A lot of us worked on our games this summer and got better at the three point shot. We want to keep being consistent with it, staying in the lab. Like I said, it’s a data point. We just want to keep moving forward and growing from here.

On anxiousness for a new season: I’ve been really anxious, really anxious. Glad I’ve got a chance to start fresh from last year. Learned a lot from last year. Just grown as a person, on and off the court. Definitely happy for the fresh start, not just for me, but Kerwin as well, for our team, individually, coaching staff, everybody. Just showing them what Texas basketball is really about.

On Bamba and Osetkowski’s passing ability in the post: It just makes it easier for us guards. Just playing through those guys, coach calls Dylan a conductor. I believe it as well, just playing through him. He’s driving the ball. He gets a couple and-1s and get to the line. He gets the (defense) sucked in, now we’ve just got to sit there and knock down shots. Playing through those guys, they’re definitely willing passers. They’re so good offensively. They’re going to get a lot of attention. That just makes our jobs as guards easy.

On scoring from their passing ability: We’re in a good place. That’s why we’re shooting the ball well. We’re not taking bad shots, taking good shots. Easy, open shots, step ins. We’ve been practicing all summer playing through those guys, leaning on those guys to get us shots. Pounding it inside to them and playing off them.

On his leadership presence: Coach likes to tell me I have a powerful voice, so I’m just trying to lead in that way, especially coming off last year. I know it was me, my season, personally. I’m hoping the young guys can learn from that. Everybody can learn from it. Just passing on my message, staying composed, staying confident, really having true confidence. I learned that over the summer. Just evaluating myself, just passing that message to the young guys and just everybody else. Especially when things aren’t going our way, it’s easy to backwards. But we’re feeling good. Being that leader, like I said I learned from last year, and just keep on pushing that message forward.

On how much introspection was done by Davis: It started with me first. I had to look in the mirror and ask myself what did I do wrong? I can’t point the finger. It was all because of me. Just the mental part, helping my mental game as far as, like I said, having true confidence and staying confident at all times. Believing in the system. I just sat down, took some time off, and then just realized and got back in the gym. Just staying in the gym just helped me realize so much more. Watching tape, talking with coach, just the feeling of last year, that’s enough motivation in itself. Speaking for myself, that’s enough motivation not to want it to happen to me again or anybody else. Having that sense of urgency, and I have an awareness now of what it feels like and what path I took down that road. Staying consistent, staying in the lab, and just preaching coach’s message.

On difficulty from having to complete Smart’s “Erwin Mile” in under 5:20 compared to games: You know about that? It’s a lot better, but the 5:20 helped me. It helped me get in shape. That’s one of coach’s biggest things for me. A quote from Rip Hamilton, “the best shooting guards can run and cut all day.” I’m in a good place right now but just want to get in even better shape. Keep running. It’s funny that you mention that. It was definitely hard. At first I didn’t believe I could do it, but Coach Smart, he puts the belief in players. I ended up doing it and I actually surprised myself. That just goes to show you, a coach may think you can do something. You may not, but the coach is only pushing you for greatness. That’s what you should be doing for everybody. Just looking forward to the season.

Andrew Jones

On being a veteran: It feels different. I have a broader understanding for the game and how things are supposed to be done. I’m more aware. Last year, I can say I was more scatterbrained and lacking the knowledge of what’s next, or how to prepare for the college atmosphere. Now that I have some experience under my belt, I feel like things are coming more smoothly.

On how he’ll be used: I feel like I’ll be playing a combination of both on and off the ball this year.

On what he’s seen from Matt Coleman: A lot of energy. Quickness with the ball. He likes to get it out quick, and he facilitates the ball well. I like the way he gets in the paint, and he looks to create for his own guys on the wing like me, Eric, Kerwin, and (Jacob Young).

On testing the draft and that process and what he came back for: the process was great. Like I said, I got a lot of knowledge from different NBA organizations. I got to play against the top competition entering the draft this year. I matured a lot this summer being away, being able to test the waters and go through the combine. I think I brought back a lot of experience of the next level that’s going to mold me in being a leader this year.

On what the NBA said he needs to work on: Defensively, Become a lockdown defender. That should be my identity. Decision making. Just modifying my game and overall completing it, and being more consistent.

On if he expects to lead team in scoring: I just go out there and go as hard as I can. Today, my number was called. The next day, someone else’s number might be called. I just like to go with the flow of the game and let the game come to me.

On if Coleman brought relief to the backcourt: With the addition of Matt, we knew he was another ball handler to take care of the ball. This summer, we all worked and improved our ball handling. Me and Kerwin are more confident handling the ball. I wouldn’t say it’s a relief, but it’s an addition to our backcourt that’s going to help us when things look a little shaky and we need to get the ball up and down the court.

Mohamed Bamba (Will Gallagher/IT)

Mohamed Bamba (Will Gallagher/IT)

On playing with skilled big men: It’s great. With Mo and Dylan being versatile bigs like they are, it gives us a lot of opportunities to attack off the pick-and-rolls, get into the paint, and make plays. They cause so much attention out on the wings, so when they pop, they have to make a decision. Either they both guard us and leave a capable 3-point shooter, driver, and playmaker, or we’re going to be able to turn their head and make plays.

On why he has confidence this year will be different: We’re more experienced now. We’re not young like we used to be, even though we have five new freshmen and a mostly younger squad. I feel like this summer going to Australia really gave us a set point that we wanted to achieve this summer. This year, I feel like we’re going to be very confident. We have the underdog mentality. Everybody’s not dwelling on last year, but using that as motivation to improve this year.

On Jericho Sims: Jericho’s a freak of nature. I haven’t seen a guy like that personally ever in my life. Y’all are going to be knowing about Jericho Sims here pretty soon. The under the radar guy is not going to be there too much longer.

On Sims’ personality: He talks. Me and him have a good relationship. He’s my locker mate, so I kind of force him to talk to me every day. We go into the locker room, I’ll say something funny to him. He has a great personality. Once he gets comfortable, he’ll start talking to you and be more open. He does speak. He does have a voice.

On if the team can press more: Our press will definitely be more effective. A lot of guys who are mobile and can guard, so in that diamond press, (Sims) being very active and quick off his feet will really help a lot on the press, especially in transition getting back. We can get a lot of steals.

On Smart’s Culture Doc and its impact: Last year, going in we were all looking for more of an upperclassman role model, and it kind of wasn’t there. The chemistry wasn’t there. The culture doc that coach has provided for us, it gives us an understanding, underclassmen and upperclassmen, of what the team is going to be about. We’re changing the culture here at the university, and that’s what we’re going to be about. Those are our standards and that’s how we’re going to approach every game. That’s going to be our mentality.

On if that doc helped players grow individually: Yes. Like I said, Coach Smart’s tactics and how he likes to go about things are similar to the NBA style. When I went to the combine, everything he was saying was an exact correlation of what they were saying. I take close detail to what he’s saying because what he’s saying is true.

On if culture has developed a good work ethic on the team: Especially this summer, this was the most I’ve seen guys wanting to stay in the gym, wanting to improve their game, wanting to play extended amount of games of pickup. Just because they’re tired, they don’t want to leave the gym yet. I thought I was the only gym rat here, but Matt Coleman is in the gym. Jacob Young is always in the gym. Jericho will be in the gym and you won’t even know it. I just love the competitiveness. We all have the will to get better. We all don’t want to stay complacent. We all have something to prove, and we’re all compared to prove it.

Mohamed Bamba

On his first night: It feels good to finally get out there and play in front of a home crowd. There are certain things that we need to do better, but it was good to get out there and show what I can do offensively and defensively and how good of a team we’ve got since last year.

On if he had any nerves: Not really. Not nervous because of all my teammates. They kind of ease the nerves, it’s just easy when you get out there and you’re interacting with your teammates. It’s like practice.

On playing tough against his teammates: That’s how it is in practice. Not going to hide it here. Dylan put on a great act in taking the charge. It was kind of funny.

On jawing with teammates: Absolutely. That’s one thing that I really took pride in coming in. I remember the first couple of pickup games, there really wasn’t much trash talking, and I was like ‘this is something I can bring back home from Harlem.’ It’s all under a certain level, but it’s friendly trash talk.

On who trash talks on the team: Oh, everyone. Still trying to get Jericho Sims to trash talk. We’ve got a little ways to go. Trust me, by the time we play our first game, he’ll be chirping a little bit.

On if this team needed an edge: Absolutely. That’s exactly what we needed. I used to watch probably almost every game from last year. Amongst a bunch of things, one thing we really needed was a guy to get a little nasty. Whether it’s going to be me or Matt or whoever, it’s definitely necessary.

On watching games last year: I watched most games when they were live. I watched the Michigan game because I was being recruited by both schools. I watched the Alabama game. I watched the Georgia game. I watched the Oklahoma game. I watched a ton of games.

On what he thought last year’s team was missing: They were missing probably some sort of veteran leadership. You can see it toward the end. This year, you see it big time. We’ve got guys like Dylan, who’s going to be playing this year, and Eric, and Kerwin Roach. Those guys will be the difference makers, and you’ll see it down the stretch. You’ll see the veteran experience.

On what he’s seen from Roach and Davis: You can sense that they have something to prove. They don’t want to make it all about themselves, and that’s (unintelligible). With Kerwin and Eric, they’ve been with Shaka since his first year so you can see the relationship that they’ve built. That’s something that I kind of want to model.

On the high-low offense going through the big guys: One thing we’ve really been proud of is how good our bigs can be, and how big we are and athletic we are and how long we are. IQ wise, we just know what kind of passes that we need in certain situations just because we feel for it. Smaller guards are not going to know where to put the ball because they haven’t been in opposite situations. It’s easier playing with guys just as skilled, just as smart.

On playing the low post with Osetkowski playing the high post: That’s how we honestly do best. That was part of the reason I chose Texas is because of Dylan. Dylan can play up high, down low. He can play anywhere. I think this summer, Dylan has really helped me bring my game to new heights as far as popping out.

On playing with Jericho Sims: Same deal. Jericho is super, super, super athletic. You’ll see a lot of big to big lob action. You’ve seen the (unintelligible). I think Jericho hit a couple threes today. You can see he’s got a wide arsenal.

On three point shooting: You see it outside of practice, too. Guys are getting up early and getting shots just because they want to improve their three point shooting. This year, we have so many three point shooters. We have Dylan. We have Andrew, (Young) who’s been red hot lately. Eric has also been red hot lately. (Roach) has really improved his shot. Matt is very, very effective from the three point line, and Jase is lights out. We have some three point shooters.

On his own three point shooting vs. looking for a lane: I can do both. I’ve been practicing both, but honestly I’ve become more comfortable scoring more myself, but honestly our bigs are easy targets. I feel comfortable passing it.

On happiness with his decision to choose Texas: I knew I made the right decision probably within hours of coming down here. I never really second guessed it. I never really thought I belonged elsewhere. This is home. This place is for me. It was nothing really big, it was just the small things like me showing up to the airport a little late, because I had graduation, and having two, three guys from the team come and pick me up. Alright, we’re off to a great start.

On the pace of the scrimmage: Very easy to adjust to. We want to take the best shot. Obviously we want to swing the ball, but if you feel like you have a great scoring opportunity, then go.

On how many cowboy hats he had before moving to Texas: In Westtown, our work program had a teacher, Mitch, just always hammering at me. ‘We’ve got to get you in a cowboy hat.’ I started tuning him out, like I’m not wearing a cowboy hat no matter what it comes down to. A couple of months later, I’m wearing a cowboy hat.

On defense: I remember we were in Chile. It was probably one of the best teams I’ve ever been a part of. Coach Smart asked (the team) what do you see yourself as, defensive minded or offensive minded? Everybody was like “I’m offensive minded.” I was like “well, both.” I’m a player. Both. It’s just something about defense that really speaks to me. Having that ability to steal someone’s heart and tell them ‘no, you’re not scoring on me.’ It just changes the whole complexity of the game.

Shaka Smart. (Will Gallagher/IT)

Shaka Smart. (Will Gallagher/IT)

Shaka Smart

Opening statement: First of all, I thought our guys did a good job transitioning from the fun, goofy stuff early on, the contests, to playing. Really, we’re trying to get a couple of things accomplished tonight, we do some of those contests and have some fun early for the fans, but also wanted to compete and play. Obviously, a lot of stuff to get better. A lot of stuff to improve, but I think you saw glimpses of potential that our guys have. Dylan is out there playing with one hand right now because he has that right hand bandaged up. Should be good to go by our first game. He’s right now practicing with that thing wrapped up in a splint just so that he doesn’t aggravate anything there. He’s shooting after practice. He’s as important as anyone on the team because he’s a real engine to make things go.

On if he’s excited to let the public see what his team is about: I’m excited for our guys to let that be seen, because I think from the beginning of time until the game stops being played, coaches are going to love practice more than the players, and players are probably going to love the games more than coaches. Today wasn’t a real game, but it was a game situation. These guys enjoyed getting the chance to play in front of fans. You saw from Jericho some of his potential. He’s just really, really scratching the surface of what he can do. The game, right now, is very fast for him because it’s a big adjustment, but as he learns and gets comfortable and is in attack mode on a regular basis, I think he’ll do a lot of good things. Both and him and Mo, and I thought they played well together tonight, both those guys are really advantaged when they play with Dylan. Dylan helps both those guys be better. When we have all those guys on the same team, hopefully a lot of good things will happen.

On what the freshman bring that the team was lacking: Matt Coleman I think is a solid, steady point guard. He had a couple of bad turnovers today, but I thought for the most part he ran his team pretty well. I thought that was a big part of why that orange team came out ahead. He puts a lot of pressure on himself because he wants to do everything perfect, which is not a bad thing but he’s just got to understand this is a game where you’ve got to move on and go to the next one. He’s been very solid so far. He gives us that. We didn’t really have that same level of steadiness last year. Mo, obviously, gives us length and size and you saw today, he can do a lot of things away from the basket, too. He can put the ball down. There was a play late in the game where I think that team was up two or three and he ran up to set a screen for Matt. He slipped out of the screen, he caught the ball, he drove, he ended up missing the layup, but he got two guys on him and Jericho tipped it in. Just to be able to do that at that size is a unique thing. Jericho brings athleticism. He’s 240 pounds as a freshman. He just, again, the game is going so fast for him. I think as it slows down in time, he’s going to be a very good player for us. Royce (Hamm) and Jase (Febres), they were a little bit behind the game today. I think it was a little physical for Jase, but he’s played pretty well in practice. He made that big three which he’s capable of doing. They didn’t give him too many shots other than that one, and Royce is just kind of finding his way, but he’s a guy who could be a good player here in time.

On facilitating through the bigs: Dylan is the best offensive engine that we have. He won’t be our leading scorer, but he creates a lot of great things for other people. He’s poised. We’ve got to get him obviously 100 percent healthy. It’s actually been good for him to be more dependent on his left hand. Long term, that will pay off for him. I think both him and Mo are guys you can get the ball to and they can create for other guys. Mo’s a little more wired to score, but he’s got to understand if he’s got two guys on him, just like a guard, he’s got to find an open man.

On if Bamba and Osetkowski have raised team competitiveness level: Those guys, they get along really well and they played well together in Australia. They’ve not been on the same team one time in practice, which that will change soon as we get closer to the real games. If I put them on the same team in practice, the other team has no chance. It doesn’t matter what guards are on what teams. That’s nothing against the other bigs, but those guys together are very, very dynamic and they create a lot of plays for themselves and their teammates. They’ve raised that level.

On if those two players give an edge in the paint: The first year, we had good bigs. They were older and experienced. They were just different. Obviously, when Cam (Ridley) went down, we lost a lot of scoring punch without him. The thing that these two bring is versatility. Particularly Dylan, but Mo more so than people might think when you hear his measurables. Those guys can play. You can put one at the four, one at the five, you can flip them around, Dylan can play around the basket, he’s comfortable bringing the ball up the floor. Last year, we literally didn’t have a four man in our program. Jarrett (Allen) did a really good job trying to play that position and transitioning. By the middle of conference play, he was really comfortable picking and popping, putting it on the floor a little bit. We didn’t have a three point threat at that position, so teams would back off. They can scheme differently. I think we have a lot more versatility at that spot.

On if he expects Andrew Jones to pace the scoring for the guards: I wouldn’t be surprised if he does. We want him to score. We want him to be aggressive. We want him to get to the foul line. He’s a guy that’s really shot the ball well from the foul line in practice, something like 90 something percent. AS much as we can get him there attacking downhill, he played point guard today because he was opposite Matt, so him and Jacob (Young) were playing point guard on that team. He’ll play off the ball when he’s with Matt. He’ll play on the ball some. He’s made a lot of progress. He’s matured. We want him to score. I think our team is wired to be a really, really versatile team in terms of who leads the team in scoring. I don’t think it’s necessarily always going to be this guy, always going to be that guy. But we’re definitely going to need a couple of guys where if we get the ball to you, he can get you a bucket.

On Dylan and Mo shooting from outside: Not when Dylan has a splint on, but yeah. We want those guys to. Mo, I think he hit one three tonight, he shot it well in practice. The fine line is you don’t want people with so much ability around the basket to fall in love with just playing away from the basket. It does stretch the defense and makes them play you differently. Again, they also can put the ball on the floor. We want them to have a freedom to shoot. Along with that comes a responsibility to work on your shooting. If it’s not going in, find other ways to score.

On steps Eric Davis took to increase confidence: He just gained a lot of humility I think from last year. Sometimes that leads to confidence and sometimes it doesn’t. Last year was tough for him. It was a really hard individual year because again, and I tried to help counteract this but I didn’t do a very good job, he felt like last year was going to be his last year in college. I know you might say what, but that’s the mentality sometimes if you have a really good freshman year. An all-freshman team freshman year. He was really set back when he struggled early and he never was able to gain that confidence back. We need him to make shots. I thought he shot it great in that three-point shootout. It’s hard when you’re alternating shots with the other guy and when you’re shooting those rubber balls at the end. He has more core belief in himself as opposed to surface. I’ll tell you what, the thing that’s going to be fun to watch is he’s going to be knocked down on the mat again, like you always do, like he did last year. Is he able to get up better? It’s easy standing here in October to say “yeah I’ve got a ton of confidence.” Everyone has got confidence in October. It’s about how can you respond when some challenging times come.

On if the team has a bit more of a mean streak than last year’s team: We do in practice. I saw it at times. We had one close game that we won (in Australia) and those guys really came together and showed some grit to win that game. Mo’s got a long way to go to be nasty. I think if we are that, it’s got to be a collective thing. Mo has to do his part, Dylan has to do his part, Andrew and Snoop. I think Andrew and Snoop can really set a tone for us defensively because they’re so big and athletic for guards. That’s got to be a mentality and an approach. Snoop has been really good with that all summer. I’m excited to see when we get into the season and we say “Snoop, you’ve got to guard this all-conference level guard, or this all-American and see what he can do,” because a lot of the teams we play have guys like that

On what needs to be fixed: There’s all kinds of stuff. When you’re playing Orange against White, anytime something goes good it probably was a breakdown on the other side. Obviously too many unforced turnovers from both teams. You had different combinations out there that we may or may not have together in a real game. I think as the game went on, guys got tired, so there was some fatigue that created mistakes, particularly in the defensive end. We didn’t run as much as I want to run. Guys say they want to run, but then they get tired. I think with the athleticism some of our guys have that could be an advantage for us. It’s got to become a habit that you do even when you’re tired. I think we’ve made some progress in that the last week of practice but we obviously have a ways to go.

On if there’s one major concern for this season’s team: In terms of things we can control, the biggest emphasis is culture. The other c-word with that is chemistry. Those two things, because I think we have stabilized our roster. We’re still pretty young, but at least like I said we have a four man. We have a point guard. Now he’s a freshman, and Mo is a freshman, but if our guys care about each other, and they’ve been really good with that so far, and be on the same page in terms of the mission that we have, that’s probably the biggest thing. It keeps you up at night, not because you think it’s a negative. Just because you know that that’s something that if it goes the wrong way can hurt any team. Particularly a team with so many new guys.

On when he will find that out: The guys have been good. We do what we call a culture class. We spend a lot of time on culture and these guys have really sunk their teeth in it. I don’t know if you noticed tonight, but we let them take the beginning of the media timeouts where it’s players talking amongst themselves. We may stand in the background and listen or we stay out of it for 45 seconds. We want them to take more ownership of it being their team, and they’ve taken a lot of strides with that. When you get in the game and you’re down 12-4, now what do you do next? Can you stay connected and stay together. We’ve got a ways to go with that. Mo tonight, I thought he got a little frustrated. A couple of our guys got down about different things. You’ve got to be able to respond and move on to the next thing. We’ll keep working on it