Remembering the 2008 Season

Colt McCoy (Will Gallagher/IT)

Colt McCoy (Will Gallagher/IT)

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The LHN has an original programming documentary on the 2008 Longhorn season that debuted last night and will be rebroadcast…every few hours for the next year. Hey, it’s the LHN. It’s either run it on a loop, watch Kasey Studdard catch perch, or listen to another speech from a Washington bureaucrat at the LBJ school.

In any event, the program is well worth your time reminiscing on the 10th year anniversary of one of the most enjoyable Longhorn teams in memory and one of the most bittersweet seasons ever. The 12-1 Horns lost out on a national title shot with a single loss in Lubbock and a heavy dose of manipulation from a group of Stoops sympathizing Big 12 coaches/SIDs who purposefully voted down Texas to queer the BCS formula.

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