Segment-by-segment: Gonzaga 76, Texas 71

Andrew Jones (Will Gallagher/IT)

Andrew Jones (Will Gallagher/IT)

In my notes, I like splitting the game up by TV timeout segments (20:00 to U16, U16 to U12, etc.). This allows me to make more divisions in the game than simply first half, second half.

It’s a subjective system (I determine who wins the section and how many points are awarded), but I think it is a good way to measure control of a game for certain segments. The team who wins more divided segments should get the win.


20:00 – 15:51 – Texas’ opening stretch had some out of character turnovers (one for Coleman included), but the Longhorns did a decent job of guarding shooters and grabbing tough boards. Gonzaga gave a couple possessions to the Longhorns on a moving screen and play where the defender gave Andrew Jones a little too much of his body, earning a foul. On the offensive end, Jones flashed several nifty moves, Matt Coleman knocked down a three, and Dylan Osetkowski earned a tough bucket as part of a 9-5 opening segment for the Longhorns.

Game score: Texas 9, Gonzaga 5. Segment tally: Texas 1, Gonzaga 0

15:51 – 10:28 – This segment began with Kerwin Roach and Mohamed Bamba taking a rest on the bench. Texas was all over the place, seemingly flipping a coin between scoring and turning the ball over. Gonzaga responded well and drove right at Texas defenders, getting fouls on Bamba and Coleman in the process. Gonzaga switched to a 2-3 zone during this segment, but quickly switched back after Coleman hit a three over the zone. But the turnover bug bit Texas, and Gonzaga took advantage with good movement in the half-court and a strong effort on defense keeping hands up but not over. Probably not Bamba’s best stretch at Texas. This segment goes to the Zags.

Game score: Texas 16, Gonzaga 15 (Zags win segment 10-5). Segment tally: Texas 1, Gonzaga 1.

10:28 – 7:48 – Texas did not score in this almost three minute segment, where Gonzaga racked up another 8 points (one off the and-1 before the previous media timeout). Texas was dominated in a part of the game that was not so much a track meet but a battle in the half court. Banks received some action and played average. Combine poor half-court offense with bad defensive recovery, and it’s easy to see why Gonzaga got going in this segment. Perkins started dialing up the offense for the Bulldogs, and Texas just looked flustered. That’s what happens in part of a 15-0 run.

Game score: Gonzaga 23, Texas 16 (Zags win segment 8-0). Segment tally: Gonzaga 2, Texas 1.

7:48 – 6:03 – A really bad stretch of basketball for Texas as the Longhorns continued to just get torn up by the Bulldog defense in half-court sets. Smart was forced to call a timeout after his team scored just 6 points in almost ten minutes of play. A brief stretch of 2-3 zone for Texas didn’t really help much, and the Bulldogs were able to not only increase their lead, but increase their lead in the momentum category with yet another and-1 opportunity. If the segments are this short, its normally not good for one of the teams.

Game score: Gonzaga 31, Texas 16 (Zags win segment 8-0). Segment tally: Gonzaga 3, Texas 1

6:03 – 3:49 – Another short segment, but this one due to the TV timeouts than a Gonzaga run. Texas showed a little more life on offense, with Roach hitting a three and Jones hitting 2-of-3 free throws. Smart made the call to press, and it was quickly pierced on the first possession. It did force one Gonzaga turnover, but it needs to be effective to begin to close up the gap heading into the half.

Game score: Gonzaga 34, Texas 21 (Texas wins segment 5-3, practical stalemate) Segment Tally: Gonzaga 3, Texas 1, Ties 1.

3:49 – 0:00 – Coleman’s 10 points in the half carried the team to the meager offensive output it had. Jacob Young took more misguided threes, making just one. Gonzaga really proved it is an experienced half-court team that can screen defenders for shots and drives very efficiently. The first half was all Gonzaga after that first four minute segment.

Halftime Game score: Gonzaga 42, Texas 28 (Gonzaga wins segment 8-7, practical stalemate) Segment tally: Gonzaga 3, Texas 1, Ties 2.

Telling Stat: Gonzaga 55% from the field, Texas 33%


Matt Coleman (Will Gallagher/IT)

Matt Coleman (Will Gallagher/IT)

20:00 – 15:42 – More turnovers and more directionless offense for the Horns. Bad enough to where Bilas noticed it and made a big note about it. Screen and rolls continue to give the Longhorns fits. A little bit of full-court press toward the end of the segment, but nothing building for Texas here.

Game score: Gonzaga 48, Texas 33 (Gonzaga wins segment 6-5, practical stalemate) Segment tally: Gonzaga 3, Texas 1, Ties 3

15:42 – 11:36 – Texas came out in the press, but Gonzaga continued to kill Texas in the half court. Texas backed off from the press, and Gonzaga was still effective in the half-court. The Longhorns put together a 7-0 run thanks to some good effort from Coleman and Jase Febres, but still took just a small chip out of the Bulldog lead. At this point (this is my first watch), I’m wondering how the Longhorns managed to find something and then come back on the No. 17 team. Hachimura is a stud and will be a big cog in Gonzaga’s postseason run. Odd to hear from the TV telecast that people picked St. Mary’s first in the WCC. This Gonzaga team looks to continue the nearly two-decade long tradition of making the tournament.

Game score: Gonzaga 57, Texas 40 (Gonzaga wins segment 9-7. Advantage Gonzaga here for holding their halftime lead this far into the second half) Segment tally: Gonzaga 4, Texas 1, Ties 3

11:36 – 7:57 – Really nothing going either way in this segment for either team, both teams played very good defense and only two points were scored.

Game score: Gonzaga 57, Texas 42 (Texas wins segment 2-0, practical stalemate) Segment tally: Gonzaga 4, Texas 1, Ties 4.

7:57 – 5:23 – Texas started out with the youth movement on the floor with four freshmen plus Roach, and it forced a turnover immediately. Gonzaga continued its poor shooting in the second half, and when Texas played instead of pausing to think, they scored. This must be where the comeback began.

Game score: Gonzaga 58, Texas 47 (Texas wins segment 5-1) Segment tally: Gonzaga 4, Texas 2, Ties 4.

5:23 – 4:00 – The big run continued here, and the press also continued to hurt Gonzaga. The result stayed mostly the same, but two detrimental events occurred during this time; Osetkowski picked up his fourth foul, and the pro-Gonzaga crowd began to gain some energy. Based on where things were, Texas did a good job to get the game to this point with good defense, quicker play, and poor shooting from Gonzaga.

Game score: Gonzaga 60, Texas 51 (Texas wins segment 4-2, practical stalemate due to length) Segment tally: Gonzaga 4, Texas 2, Ties 5.

4:00 – 0:00 – Unquestionably Texas. Jones comes to life at the beginning and at the end in the huge flurry, and I think at this point he has shown a strong penchant for making big shots. The press completely flustered Gonzaga, and Texas may have won this game in regulation if it weren’t for a tough 3-point shot with the shot clock expiring with about a minute left for the Bulldogs. Texas played the way they had to (fouls, quick shots, etc.) and played with a lot of effort. Then, the last few moments were players making plays. One stat worth noting, Texas’ young team forced a good Gonzaga team to turn the ball over 24 times in regulation.

Game score: Gonzaga 67, Texas 67 (Texas wins segment 16-7) Segment tally: Gonzaga 4, Texas 3, Ties 5.

With a tied game, the segment battle is really close, and it’s definitely possible to argue one of the five ties could have gone either school’s way. The last segment now becomes the most important.

Dylan Osetkowski (Will Gallagher/IT)

Dylan Osetkowski (Will Gallagher/IT)


OT 5:00-0:00 – Texas had all the momentum going into overtime, and the Horns held it for the first few minutes, but a bad miss, bad transition defense, and a poor sequence from Bamba (turnover followed by a weak foul) deflated the team. Texas couldn’t hit shots, which meant it couldn’t press, which meant Gonzaga could get in to the half-court where Few’s team is at its best.

Game score: Gonzaga 76, Texas 71 (Gonzaga wins segment 9-4) Segment Tally: Gonzaga 5, Texas 3, Ties 5.

It’s tough loss season in the men’s AD between football and basketball. Winnable games for a young team against one star-studded young team and one experienced team that they’ll have to learn how to win later in the season.

But as you can tell, Gonzaga won most of the individual segments of the game.

If I’m Shaka Smart, however, I am thrilled that a team with so many first-year contributors were able to participate in a NCAA Tournament atmosphere. There were no slouches on the floor in Portland at any point, so when March comes around Texas can look at this tournament as legitimate experience and as an advantage over some of the other freshmen laden Adidas or Under Armour (or lesser Nike programs) that did not have this opportunity.