Sugar Bowl Postmortem: Defense & Special Teams

Chris Nelson (Will Gallagher/IT)
Chris Nelson (Will Gallagher/IT)

Great game plan. Great effort. While the Texas offense deserves credit for their ball control effort, this game was won by the Longhorn defense and special teams.

Even Bevo had a clever game plan, lulling Uga into complacency to set up his charge.

After facing a year long slate of Big 12 offensive X and O wizards attacking every Texas weakness and schematic issue from formations and with options that would make any DC’s head spin, playing a conventional Georgia offense in the Sugar Bowl must have felt like a trip to a day spa for Todd Orlando and the Texas defensive staff. Run a conventional offense – even a really, really good one – against Texas at your peril. USC found that out early last year and in the Sugar Bowl the Bulldogs found out the same.

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