Super Bowl Texas Longhorn Takeaways

Jordan Hicks. (Will Gallagher/IT)

Jordan Hicks. (Will Gallagher/IT)

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Congratulations to the Philadelphia Eagles.

In my preview, I thought I was pretty dialed into how it would go down, but even with my trick play/big play predictions, I didn’t anticipate the dominant level of offensive coaching and execution for both teams. Folks will armchair QB the postgame, but I saw two excellent, well-coached teams playing their asses off. I wish the announcing matched the effort on the field. Cris Collinsworth laid an ostrich egg through his balloon knot. He was an ear beating of endless bad opinions.

After the game, my mind was racing with what I’d just seen. Because the game had implications for football at every level.

Any learning points for Texas? Here’s a few….

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