Thanksgiving leftovers in the Humidor

Tom Herman. (Will Gallagher/IT)

Tom Herman. (Will Gallagher/IT)

The West Virginia win was big in many regards. We’ve been mentioning how big the win was for team psyche and long-term buy-in, but it was also a good opportunity to raise some money for the school. A booster or two took it upon himself to get the hat passed around and a significant amount of money was pledged in a short period of time. Even at the season’s lowest points we mentioned Herman was under no heat from the school or boosters but that doesn’t mean key players were in a hurry to part with money. The WVU win was a nice little windfall for your struggling little athletic department.

Herman has aggressive plans to revamp the stadium and facilities and that will require two things, wins and money, and probably in that order. One begets the other.

The thing we’ll be keeping the closest eye on over the next month will be additions and subtractions to the roster. We’ll have the early singing period where we expect the bulk of the verbal commits to sign, but we’ll also have early defections to the NFL, as well as wanted and unwanted attrition from others.

The win in Morgantown loses a lot of its luster if Texas doesn’t dispatch Texas Tech. Right now we’re hearing a lot less about guys who have been thinking about transferring but there will still be some guys who decide to move on. You could hear about that as soon as early next week. Because of the timing of semesters Texas will lose a player or two (or more) before the bowl game.

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