The 2020 and 2021 Cycles are Stacked on the OL

Bryce Foster (Joe Cook/IT)

Bryce Foster (Joe Cook/IT)

The most important position to the long-term health of your program is the offensive line, so when your primary recruiting grounds are loaded at the position it’s time to feast.

The state of Texas has had its ebbs and flows along the o-line with a mix of below average, average, and above average classes in the recent half-dozen years.

2019 is a good class with at least five players among the state’s top 25 players.

2020 may not have the look of being as good as its predecessor, but it’s certainly deeper and I expect many prospects to make a leap in play this upcoming season. Remember, offensive linemen are on a different developmental curve from other positions.

2021 has the look of being an all-time great class in the state of Texas. It’s early, but a number of quality players have surfaced, with at least two of them looking like future five-stars.

Let’s take a look at some of the offensive linemen in the classes ahead.

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