The Hidden Performance of the Texas Defensive Line

Chris Nelson and Poona Ford (Will Gallagher/IT)
Chris Nelson and Poona Ford (Will Gallagher/IT)

Numbers Don’t Lie is the companion platitude to the You Are What Your Record Says You Are bunch.

Twain and Disraeli famously begged to differ. In the post Bill James/Moneyball era, we’ve learned just how unsophisticated some statistics can be in reflecting actual game reality. Generations of baseball fans, managers, scouts and players found out that the game they thought they understood was a facade covering a deeper reality. Baseball took the red pill and since 2004 the once futile Boston Red Sox (3 titles in that span, previous title 1918), San Francisco Giants (3 titles, previous title 1954) Chicago Cubs (one title, previous title 1908) and Houston Astros (one title, first in franchise history) are World Series champions.

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