The True Love Ways

Tom Herman. (Will Gallagher/IT)

Tom Herman. (Will Gallagher/IT)

Scattered thoughts all over the map while we figure out how old four-eyes relates to this particular dilemma created this week.

Just about everybody has a opinion concerning the latest (and hopefully last) Jordan Elliott escapade for UT. Most coaches see upwards of 50 JE types during their 30-year sentence.

They flash unique talent at their chosen position. It may last as little as one drill/day/week/season or it may even get them the opportunity for a free education at the school of their choice. The talent is undeniable. It’s the attitude that is cloudy and unpredictable for far too many.

This game is hard at this level. Only the strong survive. You can bet your lunch money on that and eat regular for a week. If this game was for everybody we wouldn’t have a full band marching at half every week. I’m not sure that would help our DT situation with fewer trombones crossing hats with OG’s instead of high stepping those white lines.

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