Thompson high on Texas and vice versa

Casey Thompson. (Will Gallagher/IT)

Casey Thompson. (Will Gallagher/IT)

The second Southmoore, Oklahoma, quarterback Casey Thompson was offered by UT it was easy to feel good about the Longhorns’ chances of landing the dual threat, despite his ties to the in-state Sooners. Fortunately for Texas, OU chose a quarterback from across the country, rather than the one who lived in its backyard and spent a lot of time in its film room.

You’ll hear no complaints from the Texas coaching staff, I’m sure.

A lot of factors make Thompson to Texas a great possibility: his fit in the offense; the fact both Oklahoma schools have quarterback commits; Thompson’s familiarity with a great many Texas targets; Thompson’s familiarity with offensive coordinator Tim Beck from his days at Ohio State; but, most importantly, Thompson is a 5-star when it comes to Herman’s favorite trait — the mental component.

If an obviously talented player never pans out, chances are he wasn’t simply a miss on “film.” He was a miss in the weight room, the film room, the classroom. He was a poor mental evaluation. Once a player meets a baseline level of requirements to play his position, the mental component is the most important trait to evaluate. It’s also by far the hardest.

The mental evaluation isn’t just determining intelligence, it’s character, both as a citizen and football player, it’s leadership, and it’s how much they love the game. For those reasons above all others, it’s easy to see why Tom Herman requested Thompson begin his visit on Friday and end it on Sunday. Herman’s getting to know Thompson, and his family, as well as he possibly can, save a Jim Harbaugh sleep-over. Thompson, smart as he is, is doing the same.

Hopefully the entire picture comes across crystal clear in Thompson’s own words.

Initial impressions of the campus:
“I got here yesterday [Friday] afternoon. This is the most impressive campus I’ve been on by far. I’ve been to Clemson, Ohio State, I’ve been a lot of places.”

“Overall it was just really impressive. Yesterday when I go to the facility I was like, ‘why didn’t somebody tell me it would be like this?'”

What stood out to that point:
“The city of Austin is real nice. I was really impressed with Coach Herman. I had a meeting with him this morning — me and my dad — and we got to talk a lot and I’m actually about to go to the basketball game and visit with Coach Herman again.”

More on Herman:
“We just talk about family history. He visited with my dad and we talked about my family, with my brother Kendal and my dad Charles. He just kinda got to know me, it was kinda like an introduction. That’s actually my first time meeting Coach Herman in person.”

Familiarity with Tim Beck:
“I’ve known Coach Beck since last winter. He recruited me at Ohio State so, it was just like another time to be around Coach Beck. He didn’t have to ask me a lot of questions. I knew Coach Beck, I talk to him almost every day.”

Creating familiarity with players:
I think Texas is a great fit. I got to be around Sam. I got to be around Shane Buechele. I got to be around all these guys this weekend…..I hung out with all of these guys last night and I’ll be here again tonight.”

His recruitment in a nutshell:
Texas is a great program. They’re not, I don’t think either side, like I’m not ready to commit and they’re not ready [to take a commitment], but like I said, getting to know Coach Herman, I think they’re wanting to get to know me more. The guys that they’ve offered that are uncommitted are me and Dorian (Dorian Thompson-Robinson, Las Vegas Bishop Gorman), and I know Dorian and have much respect for him and I think we’re very similar so, you know, either way it goes they’re going to get a great quarterback. If they wait on me — I would like for them to wait on me, obviously — like I said Texas is still in the top-3 like they were entering this weekend.”

*Emphasis is his, he leaned in and his voice changed ever so slightly when he said it

His passion for football in a nutshell:
“I love football. I eat, breathe, and sleep football. I watch film every day. I’m going to start playing on Fast 7 on 7 out of Houston. So, some of the guys here, Jalen (Waddle), and some of those receivers here, I’ll get to meet a lot of the Texas receivers.”

Thompson wants to announce sometime during the Spring, and I believe that’s about the time Texas would prefer to land a quarterback. Obviously Thompson would be a fine leader in the class, like Buechele and Ehlinger before him, and his reach would extend well in to Texas despite being a native Oklahoman.

My feeling is the stars are aligning for this to end in UT’s favor but only time will tell.