Tom Herman post-practice quotes – 8/31/17

Tom Herman (Justin Wells/IT)

Tom Herman (Justin Wells/IT)

Last availability of the preseason (and August):

Opening statement: “Nothing major to report. Our guys are chomping at the bit to play on Saturday. It was a hot one out there today, but that’s good. Our guys embrace the heat. It’s who we are. You don’t play football in Texas and not expect the heat to be an issue. Physical preparation is done and we’ll continue to prepare, mostly mentally tonight, all day tomorrow, and tomorrow night.”

On the schedule for the team: “Before Friday at 3 p.m., our starters and key backups will come in in the morning and get massages and treatment. Then, they’ll go to class. Those will be scheduled around their classes, obviously. Then they’ll come in in the afternoon. We’ll meet. Special teams will meet, then offense and defense will meet. We’ll go outside in what we call ‘Family Fridays’ where we’ll relax a little bit, play some games. The o-line plays dodgeball. I think the DBs play a little game of whiffle ball against each other. The QBs play a little football against the running backs. We’ll horse around a little bit, compete, get the juices going, then we’ll have a walk through. Then we will have a substitution review for special teams, we’ll go back in, shower up, head over to the hotel, eat dinner, have a reflection for the guys that want to pray a little bit, and then we’ll chill out. Watch games, watch movies, we’ll have a movie available, play dominoes, play cards, all that stuff. Then Saturday morning will be here before we know it.”

On the gameday process between morning and primetime kicks: “Just less walkthrough time on Saturday, but nothing will change from Friday on. The only thing that will change obviously is an 11 a.m. kick, you’re getting up in the morning. We’ll walk around the hotel to get the sleepies out of us. Go in, have a quick special teams review, eat breakfast, have a quick offense/defense walkthrough for about 20 minutes, then go put our jacket and tie on, and come to the stadium.”

On Buechele’s practices this week: “Really good. He’s dialed in mentally, physically. Again, the physical stuff is not an issue. I’ve said before he’s the most accurate guy I’ve coached, so throwing the football is not the issue. He’s been running it when he needs to run it. He’s been doing a really good job of protecting himself when we’re throwing the football, getting us out of bad runs into good runs, going through all his gameplan checks. It’s been good.”

On if Ehlinger would come in for ‘mop up’ duty: “Hard to say. You’re going to want an answer, I think the answer is yes. I think after evaluating it and talking about ‘well, can we redshirt him?’ At some point the odds say you’re going to need your backup quarterback. Even if it is mop up duty, it’s still going to be in front of a huge crowd. We’ve got to get to mop up duty. Winning is really, really hard. Really hard. It will be a success if we win by one or if we win by 15. Should that scenario occur, I would imagine that yeah, Sam will jog in there to get some reps.”

On the tempo of the offense: “We’ll be no huddle, but fairly moderate tempo I guess would be the best way to put it. I believe that offense and defense are not mutually exclusive. They have to work in tandem in terms of controlling the football. We have the ability to turn the gas on so to speak and go fast when we feel the need to go fast. The best way I can describe it is you should see our offensive tempo, it’ll spike when we think it needs to spike, but we’re not going to just run plays to run plays and try to get 80, 90 plays a game.”

On how Hager plays the game: “Reckless, which is great for a defensive player. He throws his body around. He’s got one speed, and that’s full. He’s going to help us. I don’t know if it will be on first or second down. Probably will be more specialized on third down, or two minute or something like that. Right now, he definitely does give us a burst of energy when he’s in there just because of how hard he goes.”

On injury concerns: “I think we’ve ruled out Chris Brown, Garrett Thomas, obviously Andrew Beck, Elijah (Rodriguez), Terrell Cuney sprained his ankle. That’s the newest one, walking down the stairs of the dang weight room. Other than that, everyone that was kind of banged up, nicked up, whatever will be going. If they practiced this week and they weren’t held out, they’ll be going. (Note: Texas announced Andrew Fitzgerald would be OUT as well)

On if team has recovered after camp: “I think so. Last week was a big week for that. On Thursday, we went no pads. Friday was no pads. Last week was a mock game week. Whatever we did today, we did last Thursday. We’ll do tomorrow, having fun and playing the games, we did that last Friday. Saturday was just the mock game early in the morning. Sunday was off. We came back just half pads Monday, Tuesday. No pads yesterday and today. Although it was hot and we couldn’t get in our indoor here, as we’re repairing the air conditioning, it’s good to get out in the heat and be in the grass. I think our guys have recovered, and recovery is still ongoing. We have 41 hours or so to make sure that our bodies are in peak physical condition.”

On who Maryland reminds him of: “Not off the top of my head. They’re similar to us. They’re a spread team that runs the football. They’re going to play 80 to 85 percent of the game with three wideouts, one tight end and one back. They’re going to use the tight end similar to us. That’s probably the team offensively that it reminds me the most of is us.”

On the mindset going into Saturday: “Don’t worry about mistakes. Don’t try to be perfect. That’s the thing I’ve really been preaching to them the last 24 hours and I will the rest of the way preparing. These guys want to do so good, and they want to impress everybody and show everybody the new and improved Texas football, but you’ve got to be relaxed to do that. You’ve got to be free to do that. You can’t be tensed up and worrying about making mistakes. You’ve got to be 100 mph and trust that your training is going to put you in the right position to make that play as long as you’re going 100 mph. I think a team that takes the field and plays as hard as humanly possible every single play because they know the other 10 guys are a) doing it for them and b) counting on them to do it.”

On why 10,000 tickets were still available Monday: “I’ve always said if you win, they’ll show up. My job is to make sure that we win. It’s our administration’s job to sell tickets.”