Two games of separation, two simultaneous games, and one pitcher

Nolan Kingham (Emily Lewallen/IT)

Nolan Kingham (Emily Lewallen/IT)

Nolan Kingham returned to form. Texas earned the win over TCU, 3-2. The Longhorns gained ground on Oklahoma State.

Pregame: Nolan Kingham is in the Texas locker room. Rather than put on and use 2018 materials, he puts on cleats and uses music from 2017 when he had a 10-4 record.

“He actually went back to last year’s cleats, his last year come-out song, and he’s like ‘I’m coming back.’ That’s exactly what he did tonight and it was great to see.” – Masen Hibbeler

6:35 PM: TCU versus Texas begins at UFCU Disch-Falk Field

6:38 PM: Texas Tech versus Oklahoma State begins at Reynolds Stadium in Stillwater. Oklahoma State begins the game with a two game lead over the Longhorns in the Big 12.

6:54 PM: The bases are left loaded by TCU starter Nick Lodolo in the first.

7:00 PM: Kingham retires his sixth straight batter to open the game, one of his best starts since the season opener.

“I thought he was unbelievable the way he attacked, and he attacked all night. Walked one guy, but he had that pit in his mouth.” – David Pierce

7:04 PM: A Jake McKenzie groundout scores DJ Petrinsky to give Texas a 1-0 lead.

7:20 PM: Texas Tech ties the game at one in the top of the third in Stillwater.

7:28 PM: Austin Todd scores on a pop-up from Hibbeler to short left. Horned Frog SS Adam Oviedo takes a ball the left fielder should have taken and is thrown off balance on the catch. Todd’s run makes it 2-0.

7:34 PM: Oklahoma State escapes a bases loaded situation allowing just one run in the third to keep the game tied.

7:44 PM: With two RISP and two outs, Kingham and David Hamilton execute a daylight pickoff play to end the TCU fourth.

“I come set and I have a slider grip, and [Hamilton’s] way off. I’m like ‘there’s no way he’s going to show me a flash.’ Sure enough, he throws me a flash. I throw a slider to him, it spun and it went perfectly right at him. I’ll take it.” – Nolan Kingham 

David Hamilton (Will Gallagher/IT)

David Hamilton (Will Gallagher/IT)

8:00 PM: Hibbeler hits a 2-0 fastball over the left field fence in the fifth to make it 3-0 UT.

“I’d like to swing hard a lot, but fortunately I caught that one. It was perfect.” – Masen Hibbeler

8:08 PM: Kingham retires his eighth straight batter to end the sixth in Austin with a 3-0 lead. Out No. 2 comes as a result of a diving play by Kody Clemens that eventually makes it onto SportsCenter.

“It’s a highlight reel every time something’s going on. I just try to give them every opportunity they can, and they just make the plays.” – Nolan Kingham

8:13 PM: The fifth inning ends in Stillwater with the game tied at one.

8:21 PM: Texas Tech’s Michael Davis hits a two-run homer, his eleventh of the year, to give the Red Raiders a 3-1 lead in the sixth.

8:23 PM: TCU’s AJ Balta sends Kingham’s first pitch of the seventh inning to the right field bullpen to make it 3-1 Texas.

8:25 PM: Johnny Rizer hits a line drive to Austin Todd in center. The ball finds Todd’s glove, but he injures his shoulder on the play. As a result, his glove comes off his hand before he is able to show the ball to the ump. Rizer reaches and rounds first, but turns toward the dugout following the out signal and before touching second base. TCU head coach Jim Schlossnagle comes out to argue the call. The umpires convene and Rizer is ruled safe and awarded second base.

“I get it, let’s get the call right, and I do think they got the call right. The only piece of it is the assumption that the runner would be at second base for the simple fact that, yes I get it, but that ball is in front of him and the runner is running to the dugout. It’s a tough call. They do a great job. I like those umpires. They’re solid. They’re veterans. It was kind of unfortunate for us.” – David Pierce

8:28 PM: After injuring his shoulder on the dive, Todd is replaced in center field by Tate Shaw.

“He separated his shoulder and popped it back in. He just told me he’d be ready to play tomorrow. He’s not playing tomorrow.” – David Pierce

8:38 PM: Oveido strikes out to end the TCU seventh with Texas leading 3-2.

8:49 PM: The eighth inning begins with Kingham on the hill.

“It wasn’t like he was missing up or pitching behind. He was still throwing quality pitches. We liked what we saw. He wanted the ball and it worked out.” – David Pierce

8:55 PM: Kingham retires the Horned Frogs in order.

“I gave up those two, and after that I was like ‘I’m not giving up any more.’ I was feeling good and the coaches rode me. It was worth it.” – Nolan Kingham

8:55 PM: Texas Tech completes a five-run seventh to take an 8-1 lead over OSU.

8:55-9:01 PM: Andy McGurie and Chase Shugart begin throwing in the Longhorn bullpen. Pierce and Kingham converse in the dugout.

“He wanted the ball all night and he was making quality, quality pitches. I thought his slider was outstanding tonight. It really set up some pitches for him, and it allowed him to continue to get deep into the game. He attacked. Once we get into that mode of attacking hitters and allowing our defense to work because they’re really good, good things happen for us.” – David Pierce

“He came up to me and said ‘hey, we’re going to McGuire, good job.’ Shook his hand and I go ‘coach, with all due respect this is my game. I want the ball.’ He goes ‘alright, that’s what I wanted to hear. Get after it.’ That was that.” – Nolan Kingham

9:01 PM: Kingham returns to the mound with 106 pitches.

9:08 PM: Shaw catches a line drive in deep center field to end the game. “That’s how you play centerfield. There was no hesitation when he got the ball, and that’s what we expect him to do in that situation. He did it.” – David Pierce

9:08 PM: Texas wins 3-2. Oklahoma State’s lead in the Big 12 is trimmed to 1.5 games. Kingham throws a complete game and allows six hits, two earned runs, one walk, and strikes out six. Hibbeler drives in two with his sacrifice fly and home run. McKenzie provides the other RBI.

“We all know what’s at stake. We can talk about it, but we’ve got to win the first game and the next game we have. We can talk about the regional and all that, but none of that happens unless we win.” – Nolan Kingham

“Nolan’s back.” – Masen Hibbeler

9:13 PM: David Pierce learns for the first time all evening the score in Stillwater during his radio interview.

“We’ve got to be concerned with ourselves. In this scenario, we need help. I’m glad. It’s good for us.” – David Pierce

Texas Baseball (Emily Lewallen/IT)

Texas Baseball (Emily Lewallen/IT)

9:31 PM: OSU’s Jon Littell hits a three-run home run to make it 8-4 TTU

9:40 PM: Texas Tech makes it 9-4 in the ninth.

10:00 PM: Texas Tech defeats Oklahoma State, 9-4. Texas trails Oklahoma State by one game.

“We’re in a great position. Let’s move forward.” – David Pierce