Want To See California Recruiting Market Inefficiencies At Work?

Chris Adimora (Via Adimora/Twitter)

Chris Adimora (Via Adimora/Twitter)

I think I may have converted a majority of my Texas readers to the idea that there are easy pickings out West and that the easiest bang for your buck in out of state recruiting is in the state of California (and it’s Southwestern satellite cities).

Hey, it only took me a decade.

Judging from our current 2019 class composition, our staff has done some of the same due diligence combined with a tougher row to hoe in-state. Eric Nahlin does a nice job of breaking that dynamic down in Thinking Texas Football. Don’t be surprised if out-of-staters-make up 40% of the 2019 class.

With respect to California, there’s still a lot more meat left on the bone. If you’re not fully bought in yet, this might do it.

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