When all else fails

Todd Orland (Will Gallagher/IT)

Todd Orlando (Will Gallagher/IT)

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Get your butt back to the tried and proven.

I started reading the new Dan Jenkins book “Stick a fork in me” last night and bazooka the first page epigraph summed up life in the golden days for me.

Quoting the best there ever was, “Fortunately, there’s still a large segment of young men and women in America who still go to college for the right reasons—to get drunk, get laid, and root for the football team.” Can I get a witness?

I guess reading the various reports from our guys kind of bummed me out concerning my favorite group (LB’s) to follow. I just can’t get too damn excited when the best I read is they are working hard but we don’t have a physical presence up to DC Todd Orlando’s standard yet and the list of tough hombres in that group can be counted on one finger or maybe two.

There was a rock star coach around Austin that once said something about “if they won’t bite as a pup” being a benchmark for measuring the size of the fight in the dog and I don’t exactly remember UT hunting long for physical LB’s under his leadership. I know it was a different time but I’m beginning to wonder if our high school coaches are finding it difficult to discipline and teach the real game on the practice field now. Has it come down to talent without paying the physical price along the way?

I have a hard time thinking we are allowing our superstar LB’s to get to the college level without the willpower to outstrike every opponent as a matter of personal pride. It disturbs the hell out of me when the DC/LB coach states he is still looking this deep into spring for a full unit of physical guys that will take a little of their honor on every 30 seconds or less.

Didn’t that same famous coach once tell his group at half that “there was one helluva fight going on out on the field and it’s a damn shame why his bunch didn’t join in on the festivities.”

Tough luck news about Shackelford missing the rest of spring due to another ankle setback. It may be a blessing in disguise getting Mac half a spring as our starting center. We may find we are healthier and a stronger outfit getting Shack at a guard where he doesn’t have a ball/nose testing his initial movement. Just food for thought — Shack never had ankle problems at LT in high school.

I wasn’t going to say anything about this but I just can’t help it. Before we start discussing any real possibility of some of our guys turning pro early we need to be honest to ourselves. If you have ever seen a real professional practice you should be able to confirm this — you better be one tough mother-scooter to survive one single practice. There is big money on the line and all concerned want a piece of it. Talent will get you on the field but it takes physical attitude to keep you there.

D’Onta Foreman was ready for the show. He was a man for four quarters in college. He showed up every down, every day. He will represent. Roach may be the next big-timer in my opinion