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2013 Recruiting: QA With Celina’s Jake Raulerson

Perhaps no other recruit in the 2013 class has been talked about as much as Jake Raulerson. That’s a little strange considering he’s a lineman from 3A Celina. At least it’s strange until you kill the lights and roll the Youtube.
It’s at that point you realize, damn, this kid’s a player. Before you know it you’re proclaiming emphatically – as I did before the start of his junior year – that he’ll be rated as highly as John Theus. Then the offensive film gives way to his defensive efforts and I’m left equating him to JJ Watt, the 12th overall pick of the Houston Texans. No pressure, Jake, just a five star and a first rounder. Though I would whole-heartedly agree that it’s foolish to call anyone a can’t miss, I put the chances of Raulerson ending up a disappointment at an Occupier enraging 1%. His combination of natural athleticism, effort and brains gives him an embarrassment of riches, or a portfolio of wealth if you will, that compounds daily into the near perfect investment. He’ll be a good one; bank on it. With Ohio State recently becoming his 22nd offer, I had the chance to talk to him while he was in between phone calls from Urban Meyer and the ghost of Vince Lombardi. Enjoy. Eric Nahlin: What’s going on, Jake? Life is pretty good I imagine? Jake Raulerson: Oh yes sir, I can’t complain. EN: Yeah, I’d imagine you can’t. So what are you weighing these days? JR: I’m 250 lbs. I dropped some during the season but now I’m putting it back on. EN: Let’s talk about the season. You guys lost a tough one to Henderson even though you outgained them in yardage by a large amount. JR: [sighs] That was a frustrating game. We did well on 1st and 2nd down, then couldn’t do anything on 3rd or 4th. We had turnovers and gave up two punt returns for touchdowns and we were down 28-0 before we knew it. EN: I was following the score from my phone in disbelief. What did you think of Henderson quarterback Del Barnes? JR: He was awesome. He was fast – the whole team was fast, really. They killed us on the jet sweep and then he’d just throw it over the top. EN: Hold on, the jet sweep? As a defensive end shouldn’t you have contain on that? JR: I was playing the nose. I was in the backfield a lot, but usually too late. The game was a lot closer than it looks if you only go by the score. We fought back but we just gave them too big of a lead. EN: How are you guys looking for next year? JR: We’re looking good. We need to replace some offensive linemen, but we have a quarterback that’s going to be real good. He was only a Freshman this past year and actually pretty much won the Lovejoy and Prestonwood games for us. EN: The Prestonwood game, huh? I’m going to have to ask Christian Morgan about him. What’s your QB’s name? Size? JR: Ha, Christian? That’s my buddy. He’ll remember. His name is Nathan Elliot. He’s about 6’1″ and 185 lbs. He’s going to be a great player. EN: I’ll have to check him out. Also your brother is quite the player I hear. JR: Yeah he is. He played linebacker and defensive end for us. He’s a tough guy too, he played the last eight games with a torn labrum and partially torn bicep. EN: Then he is definitely a tough guy. Is he getting some looks? JR: He’s hearing from some schools. He likes SMU. EN: Nice. Speaking of Christian Morgan, I saw some film from the Celina/Prestonwood game. What was it like going up against your buddy Morgan? JR: He’s a tough match-up. They were killing us on tunnel screens to him. EN: I saw that, but he said they went to the well one two many times and I think your brother picked one off at the goalline. JR: That was me, I tipped it to myself and if I hadn’t have been so clumsy I would have returned it a ways. EN: Texas needs a blocking tight end that can also be used in the passing game. You think Texas takes a good luck at Morgan? JR: If that’s what they need, that’s what he can do. He’s got really good hands too. He’s like 6’5″ 260 lbs and runs a 4.7. I’m sure Texas will take a good look at him and it wouldn’t surprise me if they offer. EN: What about you, I heard you were going to check out a bowl practice. JR: I wanted to, but I don’t know if it’s permissable. EN: The tax code is more clear than recruiting regulations. As for Texas, what position are they recruiting you for? JR: Well, both Coach Giles and Coach Searels came by my school recently. I couldn’t talk to them, but it sounds like they both want me on their side of the ball. EN: What are they going to do, arm wrestle? JR: I think they’re scheduling a date for a UFC fight. It’ll be UFC 134 or something. EN: Ha, more like UFC 9. Searels looks a little unrefined in his fighting technique like Tank Abbott. Do you have a preference? It seems like you’ve been offered at every position on the field. JR: Just about every position but quarterback and wide receiver. No, I don’t care where I play. Offense, defense, special teams; it doesn’t matter to me. EN: You recently were extended an offer from Urban Meyer. With your family’s Gator fandom I imagine getting that call was pretty big. JR: It was awesome. I’ve been to a bunch of his camps and I’ve always been a big Urban Meyer fan so talking to him on the phone was crazy. EN: I imagine you plan on getting up there to visit? JR: I hope to. My mom works in Columbus during the week, so it would be nice to get up there at some point. EN: Wait, what? Your mom works in Columbus OHIO? JR: Yep, she flies back and forth. EN: So Texas fans have yet another school to worry about it sounds like. JR: Texas fans don’t have much to worry about. I like Texas a lot. EN: They’ll be happy to hear that. Did any of your visits stand out this year? JR: I really liked the Florida/Alabama game. There was, I think, 92,000 people there. It was the loudest stadium I’ve ever been to. I also had a lot of fun at the Texas/Rice game. EN: Do you have a timeframe on when you’d like to commit? JR: No, not really. I’m gonna take my time and have fun. EN: Outside of football, what are you looking for in a school? JR: That’s something my dad tells me to think about. He wants me to think about what the school would be like if there were no football. Atmosphere is a big deal, I just want to be some place I feel comfortable. But also, football will be a big part of it. I want to get along with the coaching staff and my teammates. EN: What really sticks out with the current class at Texas is they seem to genuinely like being around each other. JR: I agree. I talk to some of those guys like Connor, Johnathan and Alex De La Torre and they’re always talking about how much everyone gets along. EN: I talk to a lot of those guys too and you can hear the bond in their voice. Well, just from how it seems the staff views you I think we’ll be hearing a lot more about you in the future. I appreciate your time, thanks. JR: No problem, any time.