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2013 Texas Recruiting: Kahlee Woods Lays the Lumber

Even though the recruiting excitement du jour is focused on finishing up the 2012 class and the necessary room-clearing attrition, I still want to provide information on the 2013 kids as it comes to me. As of right now we have a general idea of which direction the staff will go with many of the positions. Linebacker is not one of those positions. However, don’t confuse that with it being a down year. There are just a lot of bodies to Wade through once you get past Brett.
 Sherman’s Kahlee Woods is definitely one of the players that warrants a long look, if not now, then definitely in the spring. After taking Alex De La Torre, Peter Jinkens and Tim Cole, I’m curious to see what “type” of players the staff targets this upcoming cycle. My guess is Texas will balance the somewhat smallish rangier takes from this class and blend it with a group that has a bit more size. Wade fits that argument, as does Woods. Also, like Wade, Woods projects to Mike linebacker. If you have a hole in the middle of your defense, you can’t go wrong with either. Both track and smack better than any MLB from the 2012 class. I had a chance to talk to Woods recently and instantly became a fan. And it’s not just because of his on the field exploits. Eric Nahlin: So what’s going on, man? I had a friend, whose opinion I trust, that saw you twice in the playoffs. He sang your praises and he’s usually reserved when it comes to that. Kahlee Woods: I’m good, thanks. What games did he go to? EN: He was at the Rockwall-Heath game and also the tough John Tyler loss. KW: [sighs] Both of those were close games. EN: From what I hear, you’re about 6-foot-1 and 230-pounds. Is that accurate? What are your other measurables? KW: Yeah, I’m about 6-foot-1 and 235-pounds. I bench 275, squat 460 and power clean 275. EN: Are you originally from Arkansas? KW: I’ve lived in Sherman most of my life, but I’m originally from Pine Bluff, Ark. SEC! [laughs] EN: Are you hearing from Arkansas? KW: I’m mainly hearing from Oklahoma. I’d love to hear from Arkansas, but I’d be blessed to hear from anybody really. EN: Do you have any siblings currently attending college anywhere? KW: Nope, I’m the oldest of seven. EN: SEVEN?! KW: Yeah, seven. [laughing] And they’re all going to be better than me. EN: Are there any other athletes in the family? KW: My dad played basketball at Missouri under Norm Stewart. EN: How tall is he? KW: 6-foot-3. EN: Did he play the two? KW: Yes, off guard. My mom is 6-foot-1. EN: Wow, that’s tall. KW: I know. I’m the runt! EN: I’m guessing you’re hoping for another growth spurt. KW: I am, I want to be 6-foot-3 or 6-foot-4. I wear a size 14 shoe, so hopefully I get there. EN: Judging from what I hear, you have a good build for filling lanes. Is there anyone you model your playing style after? KW: My favorite player of all time is Ray Lewis. EN: He’s probably the best defensive player I’ve ever seen. KW: I also really like Singletary, he’s my second favorite. EN: Both of those guys are great leaders and you know how important that is for middle linebacker. KW: Yes sir. EN: What about Texas? Have you heard from them? KW: No sir, I haven’t even received any letters. EN: You’d be interested though, even though your dad played ball at Missouri? KW: Oh yeah. My best friend LOVES Texas. I’ve got a couple Longhorn hoodies that I wear. I’m wide open to any school that wants to talk to me. EN: Did you notice Texas’ defense this year? Any thoughts? KW: Yeah I noticed them. They’re real young, but they’re going to be the bomb. EN: Does your dad want you to go to Missouri if the opportunity presents itself? KW: My dad was all about me staying in the Big 12, but now that they’re heading to the SEC, who knows? EN: Ha, nice to see some Big 12 pride from a Tiger. What are your plans for the off season? KW: I’m going to work out a lot. I’m on my way to see a trainer now, get all my tests out of the way and get ahead on my classes. EN: Do you have plans to enroll early? KW: Yes I’m definitely going to enroll early. EN: What do you want to study? KW: Right now I think pediatric dentistry. Oh, how nice, he can put the teeth back in after he knocks them out. Not sure where Kahlee Woods sits on the Texas wish list, but after hearing the glowing reports of him, talking to him and seeing his footage, Texas should at least consider offering at some point.