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2014 Recruiting: Twin Engines Ronald and Donald Monroe

Multiple sport stars are a dime a dozen in high school. But what about multiples that are not only multiple sport stars in high school, but also have the potential to play two sports in college? That’s the Gold Double Eagle to the numismatist that exists in every recruiting fan’s heart.
If unique findings are your thing, take out your jeweler’s loop and continue reading.

As I’ve been lamenting of late, the Southwest side of the Houston area is booming like Bakken oil shale lies beneath it. While I’ll write more in depth on that next week, just trust me on that for now.

Along with the vast reserves in the area for 2013, Fort Bend county is also home to Ronald and Donald Monroe from Bush high school. Ronald, the quarterback will likely be one of the more heavily recruited players in the ’14 class and currently sits at #5 in the initial LSR 100 while Donald plays wide receiver and currently finds himself on the outside looking in on the top 100. Having seen Donald’s highlights, that slight truly has me bewildered.

Ronald Monroe/6’4″/190lbs/Quarterback/Small Forward


I’m not going to spend much time worrying about the stats or mechanics of a kid that’s just 15 years old, but I will acknowledge a few things. The two things that stand out to me with regards to Ronald as a quarterback are the way he keeps his eyes down field and his awareness of when to let the ball fly and when to simply complete the pass. Both of those traits are signs of a quarterback mature beyond his years. More often than not when a young athletic quarterback has the pocket collapse around him he takes off and tries to make something happen. Monroe looks to make a play with his arm first. As for his touch, that’s something you can’t teach.

Donald Monroe/6’2″/195lbs/Wide Receiver/Shooting Guard


That right there is a young wide receiver with some serious upside. In fact, he reminds me some of Eldridge Massington as he lines up on the outside a lot but is also prevalent in the screen game. He looks to have good hands and a strong frame that he uses to his advantage. He may not be as fast as Massington – few big receivers are – but he’s plenty fleet of foot. Again, these kids are only 15.

Thanks to Chad Davis, the 2013 cornerback from Bush and one of the most underrated players in the state, I was able to catch up with Donald B. Monroe, the aviation mechanic and father of the twin engines.

Eric Nahlin: How’s it going, sir? I’m not overly familiar with your boys as of yet. Fill me in.

Donald B. Monroe: Ronald’s the quarterback. He’s about 6’4″ and 195 lbs. He runs a 4.5 forty. Donald plays receiver, he’s 6’2″ and 195 lbs. and runs in about the 4.6 range. Both of them have also played varsity basketball since last year. Donald’s more of a scorer while Ronald is the facilitator.

EN: Are they being recruited in both?

DBM: Yes they are, they’re hearing from various schools for both sports.

EN: That’s rare, twins being recruited in multiple sports. I’m guessing they’ll be going to the same college?

DBM: Yes, that’s something we’ve all agreed is best. They’ve been teammates this whole time and I don’t think they would consider going to separate schools. They’re a package deal.

EN: Speaking of college, do they have any favorites?

DBM: They like Baylor, Auburn and UT.

EN: Auburn because of Cam I’m sure and UT because it’s Texas, but why Baylor? Because of Robert Griffen III?

DBM: Actually we lived in Waco for four years so they like them from our time living there. My job has moved me around a lot.

EN: Are you done moving? (I asked nervously)

DBM: Yes, we’re done. Houston has always been home and we’re happy to be back and aren’t going anywhere.

EN: Are you guys going to go to any camps or combines?

DBM: We went to the Nike Sparq combine a couple weeks ago and we plan on going to some college camps this summer.

EN: Which ones?

DBM: We’d like to go to Baylor and A&M and Texas, provided we have time. One thing we’re looking forward to is a school with good academics. Their mother and I think academics are the most important thing because a degree lasts a lifetime.

EN: I can hear the importance of academics in your voice.

DBM: I was in the Marines for eight years, so I have some good and well behaved children.

EN: I was picking up on that too. Do you and your wife have any other children?

DBM: We have an eighteen-year-old daughter as well as a 12 year old daughter. The eighteen-year-old is going to graduate this year.

EN: Where is she going to school?

DBM: We’re not quite sure on that yet.

EN: Ok, was just wondering in case it affected where Ronald and Donald might end up. Well sir, I appreciate your time.

DBM: No problem, I appreciate you taking the time. Thanks.

I’ll have more on the talented brothers in this weeks Inside Scoop.