2016 UT Football Spring Primer: Secondary

Davante Davis. (Will Gallagher/IT)
Davante Davis. (Will Gallagher/IT)

2016 Texas Spring Primer: Linebacker, Quarterback, Wide Receiver, Running Back, Offensive Line

Along with the rest of the 2015 defense, the Texas secondary took a big step backwards from the heights of 2014. Though Duke Thomas played admirably at nickel (he played virtually every spot in the secondary at one point or another), Texas missed Quandre Diggs and Mykkele Thompson greatly.

That was evidenced by the returning safeties struggling and needing much more schematic protection in 2015 than the year prior. But even in the more conservative cover 2 calls the Texas DBs struggled.

Corners took a big hit early in the year as John Bonney – playing out of place – and Antwuan Davis struggled outside. Answers were eventually found in promising freshmen Holton Hill and Davante Davis, but many aches and pains were felt along the way and questions persist in the defensive backfield, especially at safety, nickel or wherever you want to count the loss of Duke Thomas.

Enough of the black cloud of last year, Spring is about sunny days (except for Ian, who got left behind when Harbaugh went south for winter), and thanks to talent, experience, and some talented experience, the Texas secondary appears to be headed back to the DBU mountaintop.

With cornerback stabilized, Strong/Bedford may be able to revert back to more aggressive play-calling and put Haines and Hall in position to return to their 2014 level of play. We’re expecting more cover 1/cover 3 this season with Davis and Hill on islands outside, we’ll see if that comes to bear this Spring.

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