2018 Spring Primer: Wide Receivers

Lil'Jordan Humphrey hurdling (Will Gallagher/IT)
Lil’Jordan Humphrey hurdling (Will Gallagher/IT)

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2018 SPRING PRIMER: Offensive Line ($)
2018 SPRING PRIMER: Defensive Line ($)

What looked like a talented and decently experienced group in 2017 had a disappointing season in many regards.

Again, I don’t want to re-hash last season but it is important to acknowledge this unit has a lot to prove.

It’s often not given due credit how reliant wide receiver is on the rest of the offense, from coordination, offensive line, quarterback play and the running game, the receivers job is made much more easier or difficult by up-stream play.

Since the majority of the board had issues with coordination, the offensive line, quarterback play, and the running game, perhaps a bit of deference should be given to the receivers as we look to 2018. Even marginal improvement in more important facets of offense could spark major improvement in receiver play and display big play ability that was there all along, even if we didn’t see enough of it.

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