2019 Position Preview: Quarterback

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2019 PREVIEWS: Running back

For the first time this decade, Texas enters a season with quarterback as a team strength rather than a team liability.

The strength is at the top with Sam Ehlinger. He’s an unquestioned leader not just in the QB room, but the entire locker room.

The questions surrounding Ehlinger are more along the lines of “just how good could he be if he stays healthy?” The questions surrounding backups Casey Thompson and Roschon Johnson wonder “what exactly do they bring to the table if they were needed to win a game?”

There’s less combined experience than last season following the departure of Shane Buechele, and one fewer option is available with the transfer of Cameron Rising. However, quality of play at the top should be a constant if not an area of possible excellence, while younger players no longer reside in a QB room where the fate of the team is thrust upon them within their first year on campus.

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