2020 Baylor Postmortem: Defense/Special Teams

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Baylor’s offense was as bad as I promised they would be and the Longhorn D got a confidence boost after some tough spots against the last few opponents. The Bears were missing two starting offensive linemen and Charlie Brewer looks like he’s permanently depleted from the beatings he’s taken over the last few years, but encouragingly, Texas didn’t make many mental mistakes and Chris Ash honed in on the handful of competencies that the Baylor offense has.

Baylor’s longest throw of the contest? 21 yards. Longest run? 11 yards. That’s how you hold a team to 316 total yards and 65 plays (4.9 yards per play) and a feeble 8.5 yards per completion while only allowing 5 of 15 conversions on money downs. That written, that’s not hugely different from what Baylor was doing coming in, so let’s not get too ahead of ourselves.

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