2020 TCU Post-mortem: Offense

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Texas played TCU, the officials, and themselves. And lost to all three.

TCU isn’t very good but they have a coach who can adjust in-game, the zebras kicked us around like a hacky sack at a Phish concert, but, ultimately, the man in the mirror got Texas again. At times, the level of play suggested that it was a funhouse mirror.

There’s no doubt that the officials put their thumbs on the scale for four quarters, but TCU was average enough and Texas played just hard enough to win this game late. Ultimately, Longhorn players and coaches decided they’d rather not win. Given that Tom Herman is now 1-11 in games where Texas trails going into the 4th quarter (and Herman Texas teams haven’t been blown out, so those games were all competitive) at some point it must be acknowledged that Bill Belichick is not stalking our sideline.

Blame bad game management, inattention to detail, indiscipline, low football IQ between and beyond the lines, and a coaching staff that closes like a Pony league pitcher in a World Series Game 7. I guess 7 penalties in the first quarter didn’t help either. Herman is the guy who shoots 90% free throws in practice, but put him on the line with the game tied with :03 on the clock, and that ball ain’t drawing iron, much less net. If he wants to change that rap, he can do it by calmly swishing two.

Let’s examine the three primary components that contributed to the Longhorn loss on the offensive side of the ball:

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Photo courtesy of Texas Athletics