2020 West Virginia Postmortem: Offense

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The Longhorn offense needs a bye week.

Sam Ehlinger needs a rest to heal from an assortment of nagging injuries that are compromising his ability to throw. Running the QB a lot and allowing multiple hits in the pocket every week has a cost. And that price is the degradation of that QB’s ability to pass. Right now, Ehlinger’s play is testament to that fact.

Keaontay Ingram and Joshua Moore need to do some mending of their own.

The Texas OL needs more reps to cohere In a running game direction that they should have been pursuing since August.

Finally, the Longhorn staff needs a long reflection on the white board to double down and build out on the things that are working, eliminate some of the nonsense, and do some of the things that a staff with more initiative and less stubbornness would have done in August and September.

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